273 Diverting the Risks

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Hearing what Nick had said, Li Du really wanted to just pry open the fella’s head and see whether he had sh*t for brains or not!

Hans was also stunned. Without thinking, he accidentally asked, "100,000 dollars, you’re taking it?"

Nick said slowly, "Correct, we accept your offer of 100,000 dollars, but on one condition."

"What condition?"

"Brigham Young is one of the most respected Shepherds of our church. He is the great leader that led us to our glory. He is the most exemplary President of our church. Thus, the value of the distilling equipment that he made by himself, should be great as well."

"Yes, it is indeed." Li Du and Hans nodded in agreement.

Nick continued, "However, unquestionably, 100,000 dollars is too low a value for it. Such a price is not worthy of its greatness."

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