455 Declaration of Rights

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As he drove to the entrance of the hospital, Li Du saw the yawning lady doctor who had a small bag on her arm. She was on the night shift and had only just got off work so she was fatigued, both mentally and physically.

Li Du got out to give her a warm cup of coffee. "Drink this first. Let me bring you back for a rest?"

Sophie put her hand over her mouth and yawned again and tried to look not as tired. "Thank you," she said, "but I don't think I need a rest."

However, the moment she finished her sentence, she yawned again.

Li Du laughed. "You need a rest now," he said. "Come on, get in the car. I'll take you home right away. Oh, right—where's Ah Ow?"

Sophie opened her bag; Ah Ow's head popped out, staring discontentedly at Li Du with her big beautiful eyes.

Li Du lifted the chubby puppy out from the bag, nudged her with his nose, and laughed like a happy daddy. "She's gained a lot of weight. Seems like she must be eating good food."

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