1003 Crew Cut Brother

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The killing happened right next to the troop of cars. Li Du watched from behind the window, able to feel the violence and fierceness of the grassland beasts in such a close encounter. 

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He had seen many videos of lions and tigers hunting on computer and television screens, but watching it happen on a screen didn't make him feel much. Seeing it happen just outside the window, though, really gave him a frill!

Beasts like lions and hyenas were too violent. Their demeanor when hunting was too scary. As Li Du thought about how the lion hunter fought with them, it was obvious that he was a warrior. 

Good watched the group of lions tearing the zebra apart with much enthusiasm. He licked his lips with his tongue, apparently relishing the scene. 

Li Du looked at him, and inwardly cursed again: goddamn lunatic!

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