1171 Collision, Penguin Colony

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During the second half of the journey, the snowmobile on Sophie's side had become a

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lone wolf dance for Ah Ow.

For a while, the sled dogs accelerated and moved fast. Ah Ow refused to accept the

loss and sped up the running. Ah Meng could not keep up, and only maintained a few

steps before slamming onto the ground.

Ah Ow did not care that it was the only one pulling the snowmobile and continued to

dash forth.

Steve was shocked at what he saw. "God, this wolf-dog of yours is really something!"

Elson said, "This is not a wolf dog. This is a pure-bred Mexican Wolf."

"Who cares what it is? Isn't its stamina outstanding?"

What could Li Du say to that? "It feeds on a lot of meat daily, hence the extraordinary


In fact, once the snowmobile was started, it relied greatly on how smooth the ground

was. The ice was very slippery and hence, it did not require a lot of strength to pull the

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