1307 Chaos

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It was too late to make the decision to return to the village, however.

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The fog was thick, and there were no roads on the island. They had randomly selected a direction, driving into the wild. Therefore, if they wanted to return, it would be difficult for them to retrace their path. Although their SUVs had surely left traces on the road, how could they find them in the fog?

Driver took a deep breath and said, "I might remember the way."

Li Du looked at him and asked, "You saw that too, didn't you? You saw the damn monster, too?"

Driver didn't answer. He frowned, took out a cigarette, lit it and smoked beside the car.

Li Du looked at Steve again and said, "Hey, man, make up your mind."

Steve shook his head. "Wait and see."

After hearing this, Li Du's furiously smashed his fist into the car hood and shouted, "Wait and see what happens? You are telling me to wait and see? Just stay here and wait for the monster to find us?"

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