475 Change in Operations

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Li Du didn't plan on attending any auctions until October because it would soon be the end of September, and he had to accompany Sophie to Flagstaff's Michaelmas.

However, Lu Guan had just joined the team. He was filled with the desire to excel and went around listening to information before he told Li Du a few pieces of news:

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"Firstly, The Vagabond Storage Company in Flagstaff is going to organize an auction, with a total of seven storage units that are going to be auctioned, Boss—seven storage units!

"Secondly, in Scottsdale, Crater Storage Company is also going to organize an auction on September 27th, with a total of 11 storage units being auctioned.

"Also, in Phoenix, there will be an auction on the same day held by Fashionista Storage Unit Company, with a total of ten storage units being auctioned. What do you think? This stuff is big scale, right?"

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