258 Campsite for Three

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The two novice treasure hunters started a bidding war, without any reason, trying to outbid each other over a worthless storage unit.

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The storage unit was sold at a final price of 3,500 dollars.

The young black man refused to back down. He ultimately won the storage unit against the golden-haired treasure hunter, who gave up and had been sulking since.

Li Du was wide-eyed in bewilderment. "Are they here for making money or for a fight? That bidding war was meaningless!"

Judging from the young man’s smug body language, he appeared to believe the storage unit he had just won was worth millions of dollars.

The rest of the four units were all won by the novices. Li Du and Hans were not facing one to two greenhorns, but a group of around 20 novice treasure hunters who could not see the specific value of the units, so bid recklessly for them.

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