418 Call from a Fellow Countryman

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There were many wild animals in the United States; when it was hunting season, people could get a variety of game meat for food.

The Playboy was not the only one who brought meat. Blacktooth Robbie also brought a similar gift: a large piece of tenderloin, which would make an excellent steak. Steak, however, also required more effort to prepare. Big Quinn directly rubbed the meat with a layer of butter.

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There were also some people who brought wild pork meat. Li Du had eaten this chewy type of meat before.

Whether it’s wild pork or wild beef, they had eaten or seen it before. There was even one who brought wild goose meat, which was really rare and strange.

Big Quinn cured the peacock meat by marinating it using a mixture of red wine, gin, Japanese miso, and olive oil.

When it was noon, it was time to eat.

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