711 Buying A House

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On New Year's Eve, Li Du video called Sophie to show her how his family was making preparations to welcome the Spring Festival.

Knowing that their future daughter-in-law was going to see the family home via the video call, Mr. and Mrs. Li had cleaned the house again that evening.

At this time, Mrs. Li reproached him. "Should have bought a new house earlier so that it at least looks decent when the son brings our daughter-in-law back. Just look how shabby our house is now!"

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Mr. Li was annoyed. "Buy, buy, buy! All you say is that we should buy a house for our son, but is that up to us? Do we let him choose it himself? But I guess it really is high time we bought a new house."

The place they were living in was the village within the city, with the old house having been built more than 20 years ago. Although a new level had been added on, it was meant for seeking additional relocation allowances—it was actually not meant to be living quarters.

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