628 Bodyguard Concept

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Unexpectedly, this incident did not give Li Du and Sophie any trouble.

After the two policemen arrived, they took off the helmets of several people lying on the ground. These people were all youngsters dressed like ghosts, wearing nose rings, earrings, and even tongue rings.

An elderly white policeman glanced at them in disgust and said, "F*ck, members of Motor Dogs? Ha, they finally met their match."

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The other young policeman gave Li Du and Sophie an introduction. He explained that Motor Dogs was a small gang who drove high-horsepower motorcycles around the surrounding suburban highways. When night came, they would stop cars that were alone and rob them.

"They first throw a container with a mixture of eggs, lime powder, clean water, and white paint onto the windshield of the car to cause the driver to lose their vision and hit the brakes before carrying out the robbery."

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