1144 Big Surprise

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There were six warehouses in the public warehouse auction. That was considered a small number. Bullet Town was a small place, and when the gold mining industry declined in the West, the town's development also began to slow down.

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The auction was a low-profile one, and there had been no advertising of it, save for some notices on the internet. Hence, only a handful of treasure hunters had come to attend the auction.

Conrad kept his eyes on Princeps when he went to register. He meant to force Princeps to pair up with him.

According to the guidelines of the warehouse auction, the ownership of the warehouse would go to the auction winner. The winner would need to have permission to participate in the auction. Hence, they would have to register with the warehouse company and get a number to participate.

Conrad was worried that Princeps would shake him off and keep the warehouse for himself.

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