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Seeing Li Du get out of the truck, a Native American Indian lady promptly waved at him. "Handsome, handsome, are you here on vacation? Do you need a tour guide? Our family has lived here for more than a thousand years. I am very well-versed with every piece of stone as well as every blade of grass and tree. You will definitely not go wrong if you choose me as your tour guide."

Speaking as if singing a rap song, it was probably only four to five seconds from when she opened her mouth to the end of her speech.

Li Du replied, "It's a pity you are a tour guide. You should go be an auctioneer in the storage unit auction market."

The speed at which auctioneers spoke might not be as fast as hers.

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The lady left unhappily after he rejected her.

Hans came down from the back of the truck. As he did not hear what the lady said he asked, "What did she say? Asking you if you need a beautiful lady's services?"

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