708 Arrival Of A Customer

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Tao Zhi Bo became extremely excited after hearing Li Du's words and actually cried while holding the coin.

While he was crying, he asked with a choked voice, "Really? Really? This copper coin is worth millions? You said millions?"

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Li Du did not dare to confirm and spoke based on his experience in auctions. If an ancient coin that was in good condition could be auctioned off for 1,650,000, an ancient coin that was in a slightly poorer condition could also be auctioned off for millions after taking into consideration the inflation from the last few years.

Zhou Ji assisted Tao Zhi Bo in this regard. Zhou Ji said, "Don't get excited first. I have an uncle who loves collecting, I will help you ask him. I have seen him collect ancient coins before."

After dialing a number, Zhou Ji exchanged a few civilities before going straight to the point.

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