461 Appraisal Party

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The little bug activated its Relive the Past ability, and the past experiencing involving the rubies and its related artwork appeared one at a time.

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The first scene was of a plump black man hitting a boiler-like apparatus. Behind him was a testing counter with a pile of gorgeous "rubies."

The second scene was also this place but with even more rubies. There were more black men, who were looking at the rubies through magnifying glasses. Some of the rubies were left on the table while others were being thrown into the trash bin below.

Seeing this, Li Du was certain that these rubies were fakes. They were man-made synthetic rubies—most detested by those in the jewelry trade.

The skill for making synthetic red rubies had been in existence for more than half a century now. They were low in cost to make, and their value was insignificant compared to that of natural rubies.

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