852 Appearance of Iron Bird

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Li Du was active at the auction. In addition to winning the number 120 mine, he had made multiple bids at other auctions, making multiple offers and interacting with people around him, quietly consulting with them about some aspects of the mine auction experience. When he bid on the last quarries, no one doubted his motives, and few people bid against him.

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Compared with Li Du, the local mine owners were all amateurs at attending auctions. Li Du, a professional in the industry, knew how to control the auction's rhythm and disguise his intentions.

Mine number 645, which had a starting price of $240,000, was among the most expensive at the auction. Mayor Barron explained, "The plot of land was used as a mining tool company, and there may be a lot of tools left behind in the buildings there." He was trying to entice miners and ranchers to take an interest in 645, but no one was stupid enough to insist on a higher price.

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