768 Amicable Victor

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"Ostriches, paradise kingfishers, blue-winged kookaburras, and pale-headed rosellas? There are a lot of rare birds here!" Sophie, who observed flocks of birds from atop a hillock, exclaimed.

There were a lot of mountains on this island. When surveying the surrounding area from a mountain, one was able to see that there were many birds living here as a lot of places such as the tops of trees, the ground, and inside thickets had bird nests

Ah Meow, whose eyes were nearly popping out from staring too hard, was vigorously trying to catch a bird.

Li Du had no choice but to forcefully slap his buttocks to calm him down. This naughty child makes me worry a lot.

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However, Ah Meow's actions were understandable as felines had a thing for birds, which were one of the main animals that felines preyed on. 

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