521 American Soldier

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After clearing up unit 10, Li Du brought Big Quinn and Godzilla over to clear the unit filled with Counter-Strike cosplay equipment.

After opening the entrance of the unit, a grinning Hans put on a camouflage uniform, a helmet, and picked up a gun. "Buddies, call me Captain Fox, okay?"

Li Du took a gun and pulled the trigger, but there was no reaction. These props were powered by electricity, and there was no more energy left in them.

Big Quinn opened a wooden chest and a brand-new set of equipment appeared before him.

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When he saw the equipment, he stared at it wide-eyed and gasped, "Are these really props? Such sophisticated props?"

Godzilla opened another wooden chest and took a rifle out of it. He frowned and said, "M16A4—this is not a prop."

Hans was shocked at the weapons they found. He wanted to shout as he normally did, but Li Du acted fast and stuffed a cookie into his mouth. "Tone it down."

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