434 Alien Motorcycle

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After putting down his hands and realizing that the motorcycle was still in front of him, Hans's face offered a multitude of expressions: shock, incredibility, excitement and astonishment.

Big Quinn went forward to drag the motorcycle out, but once he tugged on it, he could not help but grumble, "God, this thing is heavy. Buddy, come help!"

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Godzilla went to drag the rear, and with their combined effort they managed to move the motorcycle outside.

It was a huge motorcycle, and even if it did not have the Warcraft custom made welded parts that looked like a monster or mystical beasts on the exterior, it was by itself massive and similar in size to the Harley Li Du had gotten in February.

On the whole, this motorcycle was more aggressive-looking than the Harley. The vehicle looked like a dormant beast. There was a beast's head in the front, with its mouth opened showing the headlights; it looked very intimidating. 

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