472 Ah Ow’s Howl

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Mr. Martin was indeed a history teacher. He had somehow managed to introduce the messy history of the two countries in an organized manner. After listening to him, Li Du more or less understood the historical background of the suit of armor and said, "It was created in the 17th Century then?"

Mr. Martin nodded his head. "Yes, the 17th century—the middle of the 17th century. In the early periods, even though the cavalry already used hide as embellishment, they didn't yet place the outstretched wings on them. The feathers were usually fixed onto their shields instead.

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"During the middle period of the 17th century, Cossacks from Khmelnytskyi lead Ukraine into causing an uprising, resulting in Poland entering a tumultuous period.

"While the Cossacks were causing a big headache with the uprising and all the attention was placed on it, the Soviet Union and Sweden were preparing to initiate an attack to take territory from the Polish.

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