714 Admission

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The airplane slowly landed in Los Angeles International Airport. After waiting for the cabin door to open, Hans darted out and dashed straight to the land outside as if he were running for his life.

The stewardess was taken aback and exclaimed, "Sir, please slow down."

After Hans walked down the airplane's stairs, he kneeled on the soil and gave it a kiss. "Ah, my motherland, America. I have finally returned to your embrace!"

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When a crew member drove passed in an electric car, he saw this sight and asked, "Hey, friend, did you return from fighting the war in the Middle East?"

"No," Li Du replied. "He came back from a vacation in Asia."

The crew member suddenly curled his lip. "Does this man have a screw loose?"

As everyone was thinking the same thing, Li Du firmly distanced himself from Hans so as to prevent others from thinking that he was mentally ill as well.

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