603 A Spate of Good Luck

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The four cards were dealt; he and the dealer each had an open card and a concealed card.

For the open cards, his was a king of hearts while the dealer's was an ace of hearts.

It appeared as though the dealer's hand was better than his. The appearance of an ace of hearts meant that there was a chance of a Blackjack. Even without a Blackjack, the ace could represent either one point or eleven points.

His king was only worth ten points.

Of course, the most important part was the two concealed cards below.

Li Di knew what the two cards were, without even opening them. The dealer's card was a five and his was an ace of spades!

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Blackjack—it was a Blackjack right at the start!

This round would be a sure-win for him. If he were to stake everything he had on this round, the gamble would then end.

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