542 A Sketch

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Looking at the opals, Sophie really thought it was all thanks to Crispy Noodles. She hugged the raccoon and said in a pleasantly surprised tone, "Is this a little gem hunter? Raccoons can search for fire opals? I've never heard of anything like that."

Li Du swiped away the perspiration on his forehead. "Maybe. Perhaps Crispy Noodles is different from other raccoons."

"Of course," said Sophie, "he's not like any other raccoon. Even if he didn't know how to look for a gem, he's nothing like other raccoons."

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Li Du was quite startled to hear that from Sophie. He instantly thought that maybe Sophie had noticed something.

"Crispy Noodles is so much smarter than other raccoons," continued Sophie. "This is much different behavior from other raccoons."

Li Du still hadn't finished searching the piece of land.

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