945 A Show of Strength

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A blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, charming middle-aged white man was driving a Bentley at a fast but steady speed.

Aware of Li Du's constant stare to the outside, the driver pressed the automatic car window button for Li Du's window to roll down. Simultaneously, the compartment beside Li Du's armrest had gradually rolled out with a pair of sunglasses in it.

Li Du took out the sunglasses and smiled, " Thank you, buddy!"

As the car was approaching downtown, more and more black people could be seen on the street. The black people here dressed up a lot smarter than the whites, which was very different from America.

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Besides that, the hairstyles of the black people in Johannesburg came in great varieties. The city order was messy, traffic signals appeared to be invisible.

"Wow, this is a city of liveliness and energy!" Li Du was talking to the driver with sarcasm.

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