444 A Leather Bag

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Hans opened the back of the car and showed the teacher what they had brought. "Take a look. Do you see anything you wanna trade for?"

The teacher laughed, "Sorry, we have all of these in our school. We only want a projector. But if you don't have one, that laptop will do."

Hans always brought his laptop with him so that he could check up on the latest information on the Association's website.

Hans's eyes sparkled. "So what do you have in exchange?" he asked.

"We have handmade tables and chairs, some wooden handcrafted goods, and some of our tribe's special drawings. What do you guys want?" the teacher asked.

Hans showed the Native his laptop, but that guy said with dissatisfaction, "It's not a MacBook? Oh well, HP will do too."

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"F*ck, what's great about Apple products?" Hans mumbled.

"Yeah, right?" Li Du agreed.

"I guess I'll buy a MacBook after we get back," Hans said.

Li Du was speechless.

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