96 A Chance Encounter

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Perhaps the only flaw for Li Du's description of the negotiation battle using the Chinese phrase was that the legendary warrior, Lu Bu, had retreated after the face-off with the three valiant generals.

On the other hand, Hans did not "retreat"; he had managed to keep the final price at 50,000 dollars per tusk for the three middle-aged ivory carvers, who also knew how to bargain well.

The best tusk was sold at 52,000 dollars; the rest of tusks were sold at a total amount of 157,000 dollars due to their different sizes and varying quality. The gross profit amounted to 209,000 dollars.

Once the deal was complete, Hans's attitude changed from petty and stingy to friendly and generous.

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"Since the three of you are foreigners, transporting the ivory could be troublesome—let me help out by driving all of you to Las Vegas."

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