1061 A Bunch of Garbage

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Li Du paid the bill. The small bar was inexpensive, and he was charged less than five hundred dollars for over ten people, even though Godzilla alone drank a small barrel.

He told Tina that he needed to visit the warehouse, so he had to leave.

Tina gave an understanding nod. Li Du left right after paying the bill. He walked away in an unrestrained and natural manner. 

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They didn't even arrange a time and place to meet again. They both wanted to try and see if it was really fate that brought them together.

Li Du just walked out when Brother Wolf, who disappeared previously, suddenly showed up again.

"Is everything fine after the gunshot of earlier?" Li Du asked.

Brother Wolf smiled and said, "There's no camera around. Nothing whatsoever to record it."

Li Du was relieved.

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