836 A Battle of Words

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After seeing Li Du, Cole excitedly walked over to him, extended his hand, and smiled. "Hey, Li, my good friend. How was the journey? Smooth?"

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"Extremely great," Li Du said a few courteous words. "But the helicopter pilot, d*mn…"

At that moment, another helicopter flew over. The engine roared, and the helicopter's rotor generated strong winds. All of a sudden, Sophie's skirt blew up.

Li Du hurriedly helped Sophie keep her skirt down. Luckily, as Sophie wore a cardigan with her straight skirt, her skirt was not blown up too much. Otherwise, she would have suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

The helicopter slowly landed on the adjacent helipad. The Four Seasons Hotel, which had a luxurious design and covered a large area, had four helipads on its roof.

While Li Du was hugging Sophie, Brother Wolf stood in front of him to block the incoming strong winds.

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