1 The Ex-Girlfriend of a Wealthy Young Man (1)

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"Guo, I'm sorry. I know that this breakup is going to hit you really hard, but… I'm really sorry."

Leng Ziyue pursed his thin lips, and his charming eyes were filled with guilt as he said, "You're a nice girl. I never wanted to hurt you. At first, I thought you were good enough to make me forget her, but on that day she came back, I realized there was no way I could forget her.

"Qiqi promised to be with me.

"Guo, I really don't want to lose her."

The girl in front of him was dressed in a simple dress. With both hands clasped tightly around a cup of milk tea, she had her head lowered so he couldn't see her expression.

The girl's thin body was trembling slightly, as if she were crying over what he had said.

Leng Ziyue felt very guilty, but he had to break up with her. Lu Qi was the one he loved, not Tang Guo. The silence stretched too long. He simply couldn't bear the fact that she wasn't saying a single word. Memories of her chatting away, as well as the look of her smiling brightly, never failed to make him go soft.

He was afraid that he would go soft. In his state of panic, he frantically pulled out a check, signed his name, and carefully slid it across the table until it was right beside Tang Guo's hand.

"Guo, fill in the amount yourself. Let this be my parting gift to you." With a serious look on his face, Leng Ziyue said, "I hope that you'll still be happy, even if I'm not by your side."

The girl finally raised her head; her face was beautiful and well-defined. He was under the impression that she had been crying her eyes out, so it had never occurred to him that she was just gazing at him with a calm expression on her face. The corners of her mouth were slightly curved upward, and, vaguely, it seemed that she was smiling.

Were his eyes playing tricks on him?

Leng Ziyue was very anxious. He was afraid that she would go hysterical and start acting aggressively.

"Guo, I'm sorry." Leng Ziyue was apologizing non-stop. "What else do you need?" he asked. "I'll do anything for you, so long as it's within my means."

"Really, huh?" The girl flashed an eerie smile, and then, she even laughed aloud. In a cold, detached tone, she asked, "I can really ask for anything?"

"..." Leng Ziyue was speechless. Was it possible that Guo still wasn't giving up? And that she wanted to salvage their relationship? Sorry, but there was no way he would say yes.

"Don't you want to be a singer? I'll find someone to help you. I just hope you can be happy and forget all about this."

She was still laughing. Her laugher had even caught the attention of all the people in the milk tea shop, and yet, she wasn't bothered at all by this. On the other hand, Leng Ziyue had this vague feeling that something wasn't quite right. Then, as he watched her, she suddenly stopped smiling and pinned her eyes on him.

Leng Ziyue thought that Tang Guo was behaving strangely because she simply couldn't accept the breakup. This increased his sense of guilt, and he felt even more apologetic towards her.

Tang Guo held up her cup of milk tea and took a sip in a leisurely manner. Picking up the blank check with her slender fingers, she blew a puff of air. Her pink lips were slightly parted as she raised her beautiful eyes. Just watching her was enough to make Leng Ziyue feel suffocated.

"Fill this with whatever amount I want?"

"Yes," Leng Ziyue replied quickly.


The corners of her mouth curved upwards into a bewitching smile that was so dazzling that Leng Ziyue felt a little dizzy, his heart thumping hard. Guo was really a fetching sight, smiling like this.

She raised her eyes and stretched out her fair-skinned arm with her palm turned upward. "Do you have a pen?"

"Yes, yes. I'll pass it to you."

Leng Ziyue hurriedly pulled out a fountain pen and held it respectfully in front of Tang Guo with both hands, for fear that she would go back on her word and not sign the check. He even showed what a gentleman he was by uncapping the pen before handing it to her.

Seeing that Tang Guo was about to fill in a figure, a voice sounded frantically in her mind.

[Host, ah ah ah… You've got to calm down! Your behavior is a complete deviation from your original character design. You are cannon fodder, a supporting actress. According to your character design, you should now throw the check in Leng Ziyue's face, tell him with an aggrieved expression that you aren't that kind of person, and then run out crying. You shouldn't be turning evil yet. At least, not for now.]

[The time for you to turn evil is when you see how loving Lu Qi and Leng Ziyue are. You just can't take it anymore, so you scheme to set up Lu Qi. But they'll see through your plan, and in the end, you'll inevitably walk along the miserable path of cannon fodder, simply waiting to get a packed meal…]

[Wait a minute, Host. You filled in an amount of 50 million!!]

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