Traveling Through Worlds With A System Book

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Traveling Through Worlds With A System


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Rin Atsumaki was a normal person with a decent job that did many good deeds. One day, he got hit and killed by a truck because he pushed a girl out of the way. Cliché right? Well that's not even the most cliché part. When he died he met a Goddess which was the girl he saved from the truck. As compensation for getting him killed and for all the good things he's done in his life, he was granted 3 wishes and a way to travel between worlds. This is about the journey of Rin who finds himself on his way to become the Supreme God 1st World:The Seven Deadly Sins 2nd World:????? 3rd World:????? I do not own any of the worlds and characters in the worlds except a select few. I only own the plot and the OC


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