Transmigration of the Elemental Magus
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Transmigration of the Elemental Magus


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What is Transmigration of the Elemental Magus

Transmigration of the Elemental Magus is a popular web novel written by the author Zhindo, covering FANTASY, MAGIC, WESTERN FANTASY, TRANSMIGRATION, WEAK TO STRONG, HIDDEN GEM, MAGUS, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 13K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 3 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 8 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"What should I read next?" Daniel was scrolling his phone when he read the title of the book: Transmigration to a Magical World. Daniel clicked the link and was transported to another world where magic exists. Will he be able to stand at the top or will he die trying?


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As someone who reads books daily. I believe I have a good understanding of what real 'western' styled litterature looks and feels like. As I've been reading since I was 8, my current review is based off of that knowledge and the "general" feel of how this story feels. Though there is very few chapters to go by, the author has provided enough of a style in these current chapters for me to be satisfied with my own thoughts. This means my review at this point in time has very little to do with the story but instead has more to do with the author. *****Review***** I am going to dub this story for now as a potential gem waiting to be polished. For anyone who has read real literature and missed how easily stories flow with the lack of good literature, then this story maybe for you. The author seems to understand that making every detail in a book stand out, is not neccesarily good literature. Being overlly detailed does not make for good literature either and this author seems to understand that concept very well. Providing enough details for the avid reader to understand what is happening and why but without being excessive with the details. One of the things that makes many stories on this app boring and not really worth the expense is how long each chapter is, the level of details in each chapter and how many chapters it takes to get to a single event. I am hoping this author understands that if he/she wishes to publish this story in future it shouldnt be excessive in its details which brings me to my next part of my review. Author, as it is (disclaimer I am reserving this as a potential for now in light that you do NOT lose your way) this book may some day have the potential to be published provided that you can keep with your own style of writing and do not become dazzled by this app. You have a unique enough concept that it peeks interest. You've provided the ability to see a small part of your writing style and this story has the potential to be worth publishing at some point in the future. That is provided that you dont use the same tactic that most books seem to employ on this app. If you do not understand what I mean allow me to elaborate. Before Hunger Games was popular it was a story written for a contest on a website called wattpad. Game of Thrones too was a story written for a contest on the same website. Both stories were first taken to publishing and from there the world fell in love. Now one has its own movie series while the other has its on TV series. If you would like this story to have the same achievement then you would do best not to follow this apps 'norms' and stick to your current style. If you dont care about such potential then by all means stick to the same 'style' as most of the authors on this app. Either way I will see where this story goes from here on. I look forward to seeing what you will do with it. I have high hopes for this story at present time. I've read enough books to see that you have potential and so does this story. Please for the love of my readers heart... Dont over do the details. Dont draw out each chapter into something it doesnt need to be. If you intend to make this a series then please make sure that each story flows properly. If you need references to understand flows of events go and read Harry Potter. Example, Harry Potters events are based off of year by year events and each year is jam packed with a beginning, a middle and end. But yet the series in hole is also based off of the same concept beginning, middle and end. While reading the entire series is beneficial j.k.rowling has made it possible so that you dont have to read the entire series. You can pick up any book in the series and read it as it is. Many stories on this app cannot achieve that same flow making them unsuitable for publishing in western society. I suspect the app developers understand that so they've decided to us other tactics to make money. Good luck i look forward to seeing where this journey goes.


Hello Author and readers! The novel has only two chapters, and honestly, this is not enough to have a complete opinion about the novel. So if I write something that in the future will no longer match this novel, I ask you to forgive me. Well for starters I did not like the first chapter, the author worked little with the excitement of MC. Also, put the stereotype everyone is jealous and jealous of MC because it is very bright. Unless in the future the author states that this is an Earth from a distorted world or whatever. The second chapter was better, worked the emotions of MC well. The information was thrown too fast, for me, that I also have this defect... I didn't like it very much. Of course, the author's first novel, so he is still learning to distribute the information. For now, this novel is doing well. When there are more chapters I will put a new review, maybe many opinions my change.


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