40 Befriending Your Friendly Neighborhood Otaku

[A Month Later.]

It has been a month now! Very little things happened in that time, Genos got his upgrades built and he has it now fully equipped, The new Hero Association building was now finished, and some of the A-class heroes decided to live in the brand new headquarters, monsters are starting to appear more and that tells me that it's almost time, and that is pretty much it, no new missions from Chiaki, no new ability learned, and no visits from mommy...I miss her milkies so much...alright that's enough whining

Camden: "Genos, can you accompany me somewhere?" I asked Genos who was sitting in a chair watching some Tv as I was on the table eating a banana, got to have that potassium baby

Genos: "Where to Sensei?"

Camden: "The clothing store of some sort, I want to buy some stuff there" I said as I finished my banana as I threw it towards the trash

Genos: "Hai, let's go then" Genos turned off the Tv as we both made our way towards the clothing store, It wasn't far, just a little walk toward's City A, yes, most of City A has been rebuilt which is surprising to say the least

As we arrived at City A, we soon found the store that I was looking for as we went inside, Genos also decided to check some clothes for him to potentially buy. I did my own exploring to the shorts aisle

Camden: "Jackpot" I said to myself as I took my time to digest all of the shorts that we're in this section

A couple of minutes of looking around, I found four shorts that caught my eye, the first one I grabbed was a simple yet appealing, well to me atleast, a black colored short with a white tie to help loosen or tighten up your shorts anytime you wan't, simple enough for me and it cost really low, the fabric feels good and it's easy to put on and put off when you're about to take a shower or take a sleep at night...

Next one is one of my favorites next to the first one, a grey colored short! Favorite type of color for my clothing, nice to look at and feels good like the black one, the remaining two shorts we're the same color as the other two, black and grey, though they had designs on them that intrigued me alot when examining the different shorts that I could have choose from, I bought them because the designs look dope! Just as comfy as the other two, I prefer a simple lifestyle but some drip will be fine too

I went back to where me and Genos last saw each other as I saw him waiting for me with a single clothing in his hands, a sort of dark blue sleeveless hoodie with a white writing on the left side and a tie on top, but the thing wasn't full on dark blue, like in the middle between light and dark blue if that makes any sense 'I think this is the same hoodie that Genos wore when he fought Garou, didn't know he got it from here'

Genos: "Ah, there your are Sensei"

Camden: "Did I took too long?"

Genos: "No, I just arrived back here"

Camden: "Well then let's pay our shopping's at the counter then" I said as we brought our desired clothing's towards the counter as I paid them with my earnings, they put it all in one bag as I decided to hold on to it

After we finished buying our clothes, we started to make our way back to my apartment, though while we we're walking back, a sudden disturbance occured at City M, me and Genos decided to see what's happening as we made our way towards the scene quietly

And as expected, I saw G4 and King in front of each other, the citizens already ran off which is good 'The start of the season 2 events' I thought, though suddenly I saw King running away from G4, that tells me it's about time now that we..oh my bad, I meant Genos to fight G4

Camden: "We should probably show ourselves now" I said as Genos nodded as we made it behind G4, G4 notices it as he turned to look at us

Camden: "Handle this for me Genos, I'll be waiting back at the apartment" I patted him in the shoulder as he nodded, his body started emitting steam

Genos: "Saitama Sensei expects me to win, and that I shall accomplish!"


He blasted himself upwards as G4 readied his big ass sword. I was already out of there, I plan on finding King and make him my weeb friend, or otaku, is it the same term or not? 'I shouldn't mention this to him, he'll probably get offended' I thought as I made my way towards his apartment

As I was vast approaching King's apartment building, I heard a very loud boom, I turned around and saw a huge smoke to where Genos and G4 where fighting

Camden: "Geez, A little overkill for Genos but atleast he's stronger than in the anime so he can take care of himself" I continued my way. After a very not so long walk later, I arrived at King's apartment door, now don't tell me how I remembered King's apartment location, my legs and brain tag teamed and led me here to the 22nd floor, I opened the door quietly as I saw King sitted in front of his Tv playing a game that was in the first episode of season 2 of the anime, I also saw his window opened, which was weird

I slowly made my way closer to him as I was now right behind him, I kneeled down on the ground as I watched him talking to himself about what name should he put to represent himself in the game

King: "What name should I put?"

Camden: "Put 'Jeff', how about that?"

King: "Yeah, 'Jeff' should be fine...wait-" He turned around with a confusing look as he saw a stranger suddenly behind him, but King thought that he looked similar, and then his mind shuddered 'It's him! Why is he here?!' he thought, he stood up and staggered back, his hands in front of him to present he doesn't want to do anything with me

King: "H-hey, you don't just trespass into someone's place" He said, his voice cracked a few times while he said that to me, though he noticed he was being out of character, he coughed as he regained his composure like any other day being an S-class hero, since he is very respected amongst the civilians and the heroes as well, his reputation as "The Worlds Strongest Man On Earth" is alot to live up for when you're just a regular otaku or weeb that accidentally stole other peoples credit *Cough* people like me

King: "Do you know that I'm an S-class hero?" His voice changed into a more deeper and chad like tone, I looked at him and said

Camden: "Yeah, I've heard of you before" I grabbed one of King's games that we're lying on the shelf's, This one was an action type with robots, I think I'll keep this one

Camden: "Hey, you don't mind I keep one of your games?" I showed him the game I grabbed as he nodded immediately

King: "O-of course"

Camden: "Thanks, I'll be enjoying this when I get back home" I put it inside of my bag which contained our newly bought clothing. King on the other hand was sweating constantly 'Does he even remember me?' he thought

Camden: "Aren't you going to continue playing?" I pointed towards the screen

King: "Do you wan't to play?" He asked a little nervously as I said

Camden: "No, I just want to see how this game functions" King could only do what he does best and play games, he sat down next to me and started to play the game that he was just playing a moment ago while I was watching him the whole time

Camden: "I saw you ran away from a monster earlier" I said as King's body stopped 'He's on to me!'

Camden: "Genos is fighting it now though he's going to take care of it, but why'd you run? Are you tired of killing monsters? Did you spare the monsters life? Are you really an S-class?" I kept rambling questions in his face as King was sweating at an alarming rate at this point, he doesn't know what to do

"Emergency! A large bird monster has been in the skies of City M! Threat Level: Demon! We advise to stay indoors after it's taken care of by the heroes!"

Camden: "They just keep coming and coming huh, well I'll make you confess another time then" I stood up with my groceries in hand as King looked at me with wide eyes

King: "You kne-"


Out of nowhere, something crashed into King's apartment, making everything inside broken, well most of it. King was on the other side of the room when all of that happened while I was standing perfectly fine and still, holding the massive birds beak in place with my other hand

Camden: "Yeah, I knew" I looked at the scared King on the other side of the room

Camden : "Seems you're quite lucky King, all of your history as a hero are all falsely lies?"

King: "Yes all of my reputation and records of my monster killing are all bag of lies!" He shouted outloud as I got rid of the bird, though it resulted in it's blood to splatter all over me, Good thing it didn't reached the bag. King was sweating bullets at that point, he just confessed what he kept to himself for so long, and he confessed it to me! The one who started it all, It was too much for him that he wet his pants, he tilted his head up to look at the hole that was in front of me

Camden: "I thought so" I looked at him, seeing his pants soaked almost made me laugh, but I held it in for as long as I can 'How can he still stand after that?' those words came first in King's mind when he saw me easily handle the bird 'I know that he's strong but this? I don't know anymore'

Camden: "Are you just gonna stand there?" I said as King looked at me and said

King: "Look! I'm sorry!" He kneeled down to the ground with his arms in a praying position

Camden: "It's fine, and let me guess, you didn't enjoy running from monsters everytime you go outside?" He could only nod his head, it was true though, he had plenty of those events happen

King: "Are you fine for me stealing your victories?"

Camden: "Yeah, it's no big deal, I could go to S-class if I want too but I'm rather lazy than your average hero for that, but that's beside the point, are you sure you can continue your title of 'The Worlds Strongest Man On Earth' that everyone could rely on, or quit" King looked down to the ground, his hands on his thighs 'I dont know what to do, he found out that I'm a fraud, he seems to not mind me using his credit from his accomplishments, but do I really want to keep on using other people's credit? I'm just your friendly neighborhood otaku..' he thought as I read his mind

Camden: "Think about it, oh, and come meet me sometime, I'm at City Z, part of Ghost down near the apartment building, that's where I'll be, you won't miss it" I said to him as I jump off his destroyed apartment using the hole that the monster bird made

King: "Wait!" He forwarded his hands straight to me, but King was too late as I already jumped out of his apartment.

Camden: "Genos took care of G4 and I think he is at Dr. Kuseno now, and Garou is about to start his debut as the 'Hero Hunter', or was it 'Monster Hero?' I don't know, and theirs also Sonic, he'll be gunning me soon, but in the meantime, I'll let those events happen while I play my new game!" I happily said to myself, then I noticed my stained clothes and body

Camden: "But before that, I think I need a shower, and probably wash these clothes" I said as I made my way back to my humble abode.


Fubuki: "Lily, what is it?" Fubuki, who was sitting in front of her mirror, asked Lily about why she wanted to see her

Lily: "The Hero Association is inviting people with high bounties on there heads to help them against the rising threats of monsters all around the place" She said as Fubuki nodded

Fubuki: "Tell everyone that I'm going somewhere"

Lily: "Then I'll call in-"

Fubuki: "I'm going alone Lily, I'm going somewhere that only I could go, no other people except me" Shee said to Lily as she nodded, understanding the words of her leader as she left Fubuki's room

Fubuki: "I think it's time to discuss things with Saitama" She stood up from her seat, she grabbed her fur coat, putting it around her green robe, her pearl necklace bounce up and down on her breast, lucky bastards 'I'm addicted to Fubuki's fashion, can't get enough of it' she thought and left her room to go to my apartment.

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