Transmigrated as Princess

Lin Xiao transmigrate from the modern world into the ancient era as a princess. her transmigration as princess but Little did she know, that nothing happens without a reason..... Then...what is the reason for her transmigration.? She wanted to find it but something was coming in the middle of her goal.... What was that......? There was a strange energy that was attracting her towards that power…. In all of this she had to marry crown prince Mo Lichen. will she marry him with her heart? What kind of story unfolds between them..? Did she ever find out about the mysterious source of energy….? when things from her past come and intervene in her present. Did her past have something hidden which would have power to shake her present happiness. ..........______ ______ "how could you love me knowing who I am? and what I did." Linxiao said looking in calm sky and warm tears roll down her cheeks. "it's because it's have to you. I love all of your side in the past or now. it doesn't matter, you are angel or demon. or a villain of my life." a silhouette came near to Linxiao and wrap her Little body in his muscular arms. "When did you come?" Linxiao tilted to face the man who come. As Linxiao look into his eyes. he held her face with both of hand and lean to her cheeks to sucked the drop of tears that still come out from her eyes. "Don't you know I hate them seeing them here in your eyes." as he said his eyes alter colour in red. And the hand which were wrapping her waist in lovingly a moment ago. now were on her neck pressing hard like it was impossible for Linxiao to even breathe. like he want to strangle her to death. Did she had discover the reason of her transmigration.....? To discover the mystery read her journey to unravel the truth. follow me on Instagram-@Ayana_lee_1256 This story is my original work. keep supporting the story by giving your vote, comments, and reviews about the story. Thank you to pick my story. your Author is new in this and English is not my first language, so please manage some mistakes but if you find them then please tell me I will appreciate to correct them. Happy reading to readers and keep reading If you like my work because the story will be interesting.

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Prince Mo Lichen's Nightmare

In the Crown Prince Courtyard, Jinchen Kingdom.

A man with a tall and wide body as his shoulder could bear any type of burden in them was sleeping on the bed, his well build figure was covered with a sheet, but anyone could say peeking at the structure of the man's body that he must have taken good care of his physique and he must be handsome.

He was sleeping peacefully but that did not last long as suddenly a voice rushed to into his ears that shattered his harmony sleep in a moment.

"Help me… Help…. me…"

" Somebody help…..help.. me please!....." He could hear a girl's voice. that voice was filled with full of pain. he could sense fear and pain in them.

it was not a first time he heard a girl crying who need help while he was still sleeping.

In he saw a girl struggled in the water but was not able to detect how she looks and her screams increase and he tries to go towards that voice.

As he was about to approach the sound, suddenly his eyes opened.

As soon as he opens his eyes, he rolls his eyes and looks around the room. However, He doesn't see anyone there.

How could he see when the person was not there?

"But that crying sound..! " Mo Lichen says to himself.

He was confused when he heard a girl's cry and then where was the girl? where did she disappear.

Mo Lichen was very surprised that the voice he heard seemed to be real just like someone near to him, too close to him and not like a dream. However, He realised that all was just a dream. Mo Lichen was very confused and started to think while sitting on the bed. He stood and grabbed the clothes and he attempted to wore them to his body and tied a knot of the robe around his well built, stiff waist.

Just he gets ready, finishing with his clothes.

Suddenly the door of the room opens and a handsome young man who is tall and strong, not less than him and has a well-built body not inferior then Mo Lichen comes and stands in front of Mo Lichen.

That man looked at Mo Lichen, He bowed his head and said, "Greetings to Prince Mo Lichen From Lu Yan side's".

After greeting Mo Lichen He stood his head and looked at Mo Lichen's body from head to toe. 

" His Highness, have you... had a nightmare again….?.asked Lu Yan.

"No… " Mo Lichen refused to tell him about the weird dream he had seen. it was not the first time he had heard the voice. from the two nights, he was having a hard time in sleep as when he drifted to sleep, always woke up by the cries and screams of the girl.

Mo Lichen looks into the man's eyes and does not speak but after thinking for a while, he had told him that he had not seen any nightmare but from the inside, he knew. what he had seen was different but he did not want to speak to Lu Yan.

Lu Yan ignores Mo Lichen replied and said.

"If you haven't had a nightmare then, why is there so much sweat on your forehead, and your body did not look stable and why is your breathing was so fast.....?".

Mo Lichen body always gives this kind of reaction whenever he had a nightmare.

On listening to Lu Yan, Mo Lichen understands that everything has been told by his facial expression to Lu Yan. which Lu Yan had noticed in the first place.

It's like Lu Yan always can see through his heart.

"You don't need to worry about it," said Mo Lichen walking towards Lu Yan.

Mo Lichen looked irritated as he did not like how Lu Yan seemed to understand him and see through him. how could Lu Yan not understand his highness? when he was always beside him.

Ignoring the fact about Lu Yan, Mo Lichen looked at Lu Yan and said "Do as you are told!

"Apologise prince.." Say, Lu Yan.

"And did you find what I asked you to find out..?'' asked Mo Lichen.

"His Highness, my men are looking for that," Informed Lu Yan to Mo Lichen. He was not when he could find, what Mo Lichen had asked to him.

Mo Lichen Looked at Lu Yan so that he could hear anything from him but Lu Yan did not speak after that. 

"Anything else?"Mo Lichen says knowing that there was nothing to say.

"Nothing Prince!" Said Lu Yan, and bow his head in front of Mo Lichen then left the room, leaving Mo Lichen alone in the room 

After Lu Yan leaves, Mo Lichen grits his teeth and spread his hand in his hair.

"What was the things all about? I had seen?" Mo Lichen said to himself thinking about the girl's voice he heard before.

 Mo Lichen does not understand what was happening to him and why?

For some days, he saw some strange and weird thing in his dream. But they all felt real like he was part of them just like today a girl's voice when he heard he wanted to go towards.

The sweet voice of the girl attracts Mo Lichen towards her.

But as soon as he tries to come near to the voice, he can't go towards the voice..the distance between him and the voice is like a river. Too close to each other but worlds apart from each other.

But the voice that Mo Lichen heard today was in pain, that girl was screaming for help, but as Mo Lichen got near to that voice and in a blink of an eye, the girl disappeared from there.

"I have to find out about that," Mo Lichen Mumble to himself.

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