2 Making the Preparations

As time continued to pass, Feng Xiluo's expression morphed from horror into anxiety, then to sadness, and at last into helplessness.

He was indeed helpless.

He was convinced that with the Plot-Armor that the Protagonist had, he would not continue to live for long. If he intended to oppose the Protagonist, it would instead speed up his demise.

In fact, it was not that he was afraid of the Protagonist but the Plot-Armor he had. He, from his knowledge, knew that it was something that opposes even the heavens.

It was mainly from which the Protagonist derived his arrogance.

How can he contend against something like that?

Beads of sweat rolled down his forehead and his posture turned stiff with his skin turning paler by the second when he pictured his impending doom.

Could he not do anything?

However, at this moment, a hologram appeared before him.

[Ding! Integrating the 'Supreme Villain System with the Host's body]

[Initiating the process...]


After being stuck at 69% for a while, the bar started to progress further.


[Ding! Congratulations Host for successfully integrating the 'Supreme Villain System'.]

Feng Xiluo continued to space out, staring blankly into the distance ignoring the prompt messages from the system.

There was a gentle breeze soon followed by a slight pause.

For a moment, the room came to tranquillity and the atmosphere turned a bit heavy.

Not receiving any reply from the host, the system continued to ring the information in Feng Xiluo's ears.

[By Plundering the Plot-Armor of the Protagonist Yun Che, the Host can grow to become a 'Supreme Villain'.]

The system notified in a mechanical tone.

[Although the Protagonist Yun Che got to relive his life, the Host need not be dejected. The Protagonist Yun Che's Plot-Armor is currently only at 20 points. If the Host made adequate preparations in advance, it would not be impossible to trouble Yun Che's existence.] The system continued.

Feng Xiluo who was gloomy, when he heard the system mention Yun Che's Plot-Armor points, he instantly snapped out of it and his previous dim eyes shone brightly.

His previous forlorn expression was nowhere to be seen.

"Can I... I really compete against Yun Che? I... wouldn't really die under his hands this time, right?" Feng Xiluo asked with renewed hope.

[It depends on you, Host. As of now, the plot is still in a progressing state. The Protagonist had yet to get hold of other important cheats. If the host doesn't take necessary action to deter him, it might lead to the same plotline.] The system, monotonously informed.

On listening to the system, Feng Xiluo heaved a sigh of relief.

His tensed muscles unconsciously started to loosen up as if an immense burden was lifted from his heart.

Yun Che, although got to relive again, Feng Xiluo knew that he only had Sky Poison Pearl in his possession at present.

It was a drop in the ocean compared to the other cheats he would obtain in the future.

He now had hope.

He could interfere in the plot beforehand and make changes in the plot direction.

Would Yun Che continue to step on him then?

It was highly unlikely.

On Feng Xiluo's insistence, the system displayed the attribute panel of Feng Xiluo.

[Host: Feng Xiluo]

[Titles: 14th Prince of the Divine Phoenix Empire, The best talent among the present generation]

[Bloodlines: Phoenix (10% concentrated)]

[Profound Strength: 1st level of Emperor Profound Realm]

[Profound Arts: World Ode of the Phoenix 4/6]

[Profound Skills: Profound Floating Technique -Beginner level, Phoenix Flaming Lotus - Lv.5, Phoenix Arrow - Lv.5, Burning Field - Lv.5, Phoenix Flames Sears the Heavens - Lv.4]

[Plot Armor Value: 0]

[Supreme Points: 0]

Feng Xiluo inspected his attribute panel.

The system then went on to gradually explain all of its functions and how Supreme Points could be obtained. As usual, he would be able to earn them as long as he suppresses the Protagonist.

As of now, there wasn't any Shop feature available in the System. The system mentioned that under only some conditions would it get automatically unlocked. He could do nothing about it.

On the other hand, he now had not a single-digit value of Plot Armor. It was for this reason that despite being hailed as the best among the younger generation, he was nothing but cannon fodder before the Protagonist Yun Che.

He must swiftly increase his Plot Armor, if not he would end up the same as the original.

Furthermore, his cultivation was that of an early Throne. In a puny empire like Blue Wind Empire, let alone Floating Cloud City, it would not be that difficult to dominate the others.

If things weren't in his favor, he could just blend them according to his will.

That was the power of absolute strength.

"System, can I just kill Yun Che and be done with it?" Feng Xiluo asked.

He was well aware of Yun Che's ruthlessness. Even though he knew the plot and could head-on confront the Protagonist, if possible he wanted to avoid that.

It was an indisputable fact that Yun Che, as a 40-year-old man, had vast knowledge in his arsenal and underwent many life and death battles. While he was just a teenager on Earth till yesterday. If he perhaps failed in assassinating Yun Che, he could rest assure that Yun Che would be back someday to claim vengeance.

Although he didn't intend to do that, Feng Xiluo wanted to know the possibility.

[Answering to the Host, It is possible for the Host to eliminate Yun Che at the cost of the Host's life. There will be a 40% probability for the Host to succeed.] The system answered.

Feng Xiluo let out a sigh.

With his zero Plot Armor, he would only agree if he was a fool.

He obviously cherished his own life.

Feng Xiluo would rather start to brew plans to deal with the Protagonist Yun Che. The last thing he wanted to do was to act carelessly. He wasn't a typical young master after all.

He could only act behind the scenes.

He had to make sure to let the Protagonist slowly experience what despair really was.

The Ultimate Despair...

"System, Is there any beginner package available for me?" Feng Xiluo asked arranging his thought in line.

Feng Xiluo after thinking things clearly wanted to brace himself for whatever was about to happen. Although he didn't know why he was chosen to get transmigrated into this world, he didn't want to dilly-dally for too long. So, he chose to start with the preparations.

[Yes, Host. There is indeed one.]

[Ding! Congratulations Host for obtaining the Novice Package. Do you want to proceed to open it?] The system asked.

'Yes.' Feng Xiluo replied.

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