TRA: A Scarlett Tale Book

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TRA: A Scarlett Tale


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Grall, an orc with a unique gift to speak to his ancestors, after witness his wife’s soul be devoured by a demon, lost a battle he had been waging in his subconscious since birth. The Ghul, a being that existed in the time of the first cycle, took over his body and wrecked the world of Xeno-Movia, killing the demon lords and tearing a hole in between the material plane and hell, he cast Tyril, king of Whitewater, to the lowest depth and killed most of the population of the world. Everything would have been lost if not for Grodak, Grall’s older brother and the orcs leader, had killed Grall with the help of a mysterious green sword. A week in the material plane has passed since Grall’s death. Those that survived The Ghul’s attack on the world thanks to Imp, a Pyroniam with immense magic, quick intervention, creating a pocket dimension for the people to stay until it was safe, came back looking lost in time. Children were now adults, young men who had fought for their kingdom now old men. A brutal snowstorm has begun and there is no sign of it stopping. Hell wages war amongst itself to see who is powerful enough to take the empty demon Lord's seat. Food has become scarce and the citizens of Whitewater are starving. Grodak works hard to find a way to feed his people and end this snow storm, even if it means diving into the source, the place that all magic originated from, and force the change upon the world. Cassandra, an Altain who fought against The Ghul possessed Grall, is searching for a way to never be at another’s mercy. Sakurako, Cassandra’s lover, watches over Cass but cannot be seen by her. Drillohiem, Gralls son, must find a way for those around him to trust in him and prove he is not his father. Scarlett, a half-pyroniam/half-human young woman, finds herself looking for her son who had disappeared. Disclaimer The Rebirth Algorithm is a product of Jarada Daedre. All art is owned by the respective artist.


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