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Too Late....


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What is Too Late....

Too Late.... is a popular web novel written by the author vidhi_shree, covering BROKEN, RAPE, DEPRESSION, DARK, REVENGE, ABANDONED, FORCED, ABUSIVE HUSBAND, SELF-HATE, BIGBROTHER, Realistic Fiction genres. It's viewed by 568.5K readers with an average rating of 4.59/5 and 36 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 29 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Description She could hear his footsteps coming closer. Pressing her trembling hands to her mouth she even tried not to breath. Her bruises were throbbing with pain and chest was heaving. She could smell her burnt skin telling her that it was deep this time. She knew it wont take him long until he finally locates her in his wardrobe. Oh, Lord, Please, help me out.She cried in her brain as hot tears slide down her cheek. All of the sudden, the room was echoing with his favorite music. She banged her head on the wall ahead on her helplessness. That creepy violin was at the max. She knew the reason too well. He had found her. Rishika just sit there waiting for her blow. She tried to numb herself. Like every other time she tried to tell herself that this is not happening to her but the moment she heard him say, "Oh, my dear Shikha, here you are." She broke into tears. She didn't have it in her to look at his face. "Please,.please, "She pleaded as she tried even more to hug her legs. "What? Am I not the same guy you so much wanted to marry?" Rishika Mehra, the daughter of the wealthiest person in India was disowned by her family at age, 17, for the reason never revealed to the world. She went to Germany with the help of her friend/childhood crush, Paul Schmidt. Finally, for the first time she was able to breathe without any baggage until the day her friend asked her out and made her live under the shadows she never deserved. If you are into dark books and the emotional crap that bring tears to your eyes, you are in for a treat. Notice This book has mature content. So, please read if you are eighteen plus. Do not copy, or reproduce this work in part or in full. This book is written by me @Vidhi90 and @AshlehQueen. Major Characters Paul Schmidt Rishika Mehra Jay Verma Rishi Mehra Avantika Mehra Karan Rathod

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I dnt knw from where i should start abt this amazingly creative authors who never gave up on themselves . Other authors should learn from them . I salute to them. The characters are so strong and so beautiful in there own ways. This story have so many twist and turns believe me you guys won't be able to sit properly its like a rollercoaster. Last i only wanna say that... Some people can't function without negativity because bringing down others makes them feel better.


Amazing story and nice plot wonderfully written by author rollercoaster ride of emotions always eager for updates guys please support her story


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Beautifully written, can feel the emotions every character is being through, love the way characters are being portrayed. Dark, intriguing and emotional story. (Strong female lead) 🥰


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this book is soooo good and its so intimidating. I dont have words to explain this book. Just keep it up and i would recommend everyone to read this if they meet the age description


guyzz do give this story a chance , take it from me you won't be disappointed ...it's wonderfully written and the story plot is just fabulous ...i am already hooked to it ...so trust me and dive in 😁😁😁


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It's a nice story with consistent updates.. Keep it up author.. . Your writing skills are really nice.. . Good.. . Good.. . Good.. Good.. . Good


It's a good story and love it so far....give it a try once😍😍😍😍😍😍..........💞💞💞💞💞💞💞...............🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩..............👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


I really like the book so much. The storyline is awesome. I'm so in love with the characters that it made me come here, on this platform. I love how the author has planned things out. The story is narrated in detail through flashback. The blurb clearly denotes it's a mystery book. The mystery is maintained throughout the sub-plots (disowned subplot and the marriage life in Germany subplot)and not even a single hint is given to the readers which keeps the readers excited and enticed.


Those who are in dark books, and emotional crap, that brings tears to your eyes, you are in for a treat. This book has mature content so please read-only if you are 18+.


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This book is so amazing. Would read a thousand times over. it a great mixture of deep depression and happiness. I really hope for more. Thanks


Gosh. I love this book so freaking much. The way rishika stays strong after what she goes through. Her personality is just so amazing. The character development is amazing. And the favorite part of books is when people realize their mistake like Rishan will realize his mistake for not trusting his own sister. Overall I love this book. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


This is one of my favourite stories.give it a try it's worth it. I look forward for update every Sunday morning. This story is close to my heart.i hope everything ends well for rishika


One of the most addictive stories that I have read. Once start reading you would be request @VShree to update again again. The story development is wonderful, in short I just love this story and it is amazing... Full support 👍✌️


This was one of my favorite novels in webnovel. But lately there is no update in here. Author you are an amazing writer and this novel has every potential to become a masterpiece. Please complete it here. I miss it.


Thanks for this... First im biased, #rawreader Its great detailed on Childhood arc I hate on rape act so I skip its detail, but I know what happen to her... so sad. After on England, I love it... How villain (mc) scheme and BDSM from a man who truly insanely love her... I love it... 'Everyone won, just im lose' line, killing anyone...believe me


After kite runner this is the book that moved me the most.I wait for you update....this book...such..cliffhangers and twisted emotions.Rishika has some sort of super power .....she remains strong and sane after all she has gone through


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