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THE RED UMBRELLA is a popular web novel written by the author jungkooks_luna, covering ROMANCE, REINCARNATION, MODERN, SYSTEM, HAREM, CULTIVATION, , BEAUTIFULFEMALELEAD, CONTEMPARYROMANCE, MYSTERYROMANCE, Realistic Fiction genres. It's viewed by 158.3K readers with an average rating of 4.72/5 and 41 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 138 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


''Rang what are you doing''. ''SHHH, be quite, I am loving my wife''. ''I am not your wife''. ''Dare to say that again and then you will face the consequences yourself, you know, I am merciless on bed''. '' I hate you, you bastard, you destroyed me, you destroyed my everything''. ''Its my revenge, my darling''. ------------ An indubitable tragic love story of two souls, Lee Rang and Kim Yuri, who fought between love and hate will meet ,embrace and heal each others wounds. Kim Yuri, the daughter of a famous business man falls in love with a devilish former CEO and the most feared mafia in the darks, Lee Rang, who marries her just to kill her father and destroy her family. From being a worst husband and worst father to the best husband and best father one can ever have. He was given a second chance to correct his wrong deed's that he did in past which costed him his life. ----- Volume: 1 Taking his revenge by killing his enemies. Follow me at my Instagram: Bangtan_Luna Follow me at my discord: jungkooks_luna #7728

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I can't believe what I have read now. You had really got talent of writing. I am envious of you. How can you write so well ? I love the plot a lil bit got emotional. Keep updating author. Best wishes in advance


A very masterful novel, so interesting and captivating from the first chapter. I might have teared up a little😢. I learnt a lot as well, as a writer. One of the best realistic novels i’ve read on Webnovel. This book honestly deserves more publicity. The author shouldn’t relent and keep amazing us! Fighting!!!


To tell the truth, I envy you for being able to create such a beautiful scene through mere words. Beautiful as a word wouldn't be enough to describe the first chapter's amount of Detail and Atmosphere that it gives me. For people who like a good time immersing themselves in a story then this is the book for you.


A great start! You're on a roll author. This novel had a great concept and worth reading specially to those who are into romance. It's written well. Keep it up author! You can do it! 😊😊😊


I love the vibe...!!!🙌🏼💞 The story wasn't slow at all.I felt the connection with the characters.The story was stable throughout & as the story develops it gets more interesting.It is a treat to read tbh.It is so well written.From starting till end the story kept me concentrated.Looking forward to read more like this master peice . Its a 10/10 for me.keep them coming 💯


Currently this story feels like the first draft. It's clear the author has a story she wants to tell, but the current pace makes it impossible to breath and develop. I hope that there will be improvements in chapters to come.


A very interesting novel.. starting with a sad tone but later its developing curiosity in reader's minds that what really is going to happen. The characters are strong and there is mystery between main character's. I would recommend this book to all romance lover's..read it.. and support it.


After reading the first chapter, I instantly fell in love with this book. The character's are slowly introduced and the pace of the story is great. The ML is hot and handsome and strong mafia but you will find him different from other mafia's as he would be kind hearted unlike his picture shown in first five six chapter's. The FL is cute. She depends on her love and family but becomes a string tigress when someone tries to mess up with her. Sure a great treat to read..


Nice novwlllll Nice novwlllll Nice novwlllll Nice novwlllll Nice novwlllll Nice novwlllll Nice novwlllll Nice novwlllll Nice novwlllll


What a great writing and what an amazing tragic love story between those main leads!! I am emotional! You are doing great Keep it up My best wishes to you!❤️


Honestly this is one of the best novels I have read. It's very intriguing and your attention to detail is incredible. You've got talent and I can't wait to read more!


Author-chan, I am in love with your story. The books is on par with any best seller books. I'm telling y'all, just give it a try. Author chan won't dissapoint you.


Love the book! All characters are well developed and built! Learnt something that every witter should have. Kiddos to the writer! Great work!


you are a talented writer.. i love the buliding character, awesome and good structure.. i cant writing another words just awesome and recommend storyline


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Author-kun, you have genuine talent!!! Like i am completely speechless! This novel was just absolutely incredible. The natural flow and pace of the story is perfect. The characters, their descriptions and attitudes was just phenomenal and you cant help but fall in love with the story from The very first chapter!! Please keep writing i need to know what happens next!


The novel was easy to read desPite some grammatical eRrors writers usually Face. i like How the characters were fLeshed out to be ralatabLe. keeP up the good work author! Cheers to more!


As soon as I started reading i couldn't stop, though the writing is a little rough I would say its still an amazing book and will continue reading it. looking forward to the next chapter 😁


The story plot is interesting. The writing is good but I am sure the author can do much better. There are few grammatical mistakes but overall it's good. Keep up the good work author! Full support! [img=recommend][img=recommend]


I love this novel. the plot is interesting, the pacing is smooth, I smell mystery too. Five stars because this book deserves it. keep going author


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