1 Prologue

"We can just be normal people, you know." Her brother mentioned, looking up the snowy sky. She pouted and crossed her arms. "No way! I wanna be out there helping people. I wanna be famous! And I want you to go with me!" She protested.

He held his hand out towards the sky, as if dreaming about something. "I wish we could. We don't have powers." He simply stated. The black haired girl sat straight up and sighed. "We have 'em, I swear! We're going to be the most powerful duo! Like you know, Batman or Superman!"

"They're not on good terms, right? and Batman doesn't have powers of his own, to begin with."

"Hmph! So pessimistic. If you don't want to think positive, you can't go anywhere!"

The boy sighed and thought. "Right, it's our birthday tomorrow, right?" He asked her. The girl nodded and pat his head. "We're gonna be 13 tomorrow, Ezekiel. Almost teenagers but we still can't figure out our powers." Eziekel shrugged and sat up beside her. "Then we're powerle-"

A heavy punch to Ezekiel came after that. "We. have. Powers!" Her sister protested once more.

Ezekiel hissed and looked at her in the eye. "Why are you so persistent, Elizabeth? It's not like we have to be important all the time. Look, we couldn't find our powers until now!" He said to her, making sure every word is drilled onto her. "We're not going to risk our lives when we have nothing to fight." And with that, he stood up and walked inside the house.

But they did have powers.

2 years later, the two found themselves in one of the best hero training schools, and they had to be ready to train themselves to the max.