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What is Toiling

Toiling is a popular web novel written by the author A11urea, covering KINGDOM, POWER, QUEEN, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 19.2K readers with an average rating of 4.91/5 and 15 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 29 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Yulia Krysovenko is traveling on the dangerous path of royal life, where the end goal is to be Tsarina. But amidst surprising betrayals and secretly envious courtiers, will she even survive being a Tsesarevna? Only time will tell, but as Yulia would say... queens are stronger than kings if they rule properly. [When the game was over and I had won with only my queen and a rook on the board, Miss Aberbach placed the two missing kings back on the board. “What did I want you to learn from this game today, Tsarevna?” I mulled that one over. “Queens can be as powerful as kings are?” “More powerful.” She corrected. “What else?” I tapped the table as I thought through the whole game. “You don’t have any pieces left and I barely have two. It’s a hard fight for a woman when they’re leading, but it’s worth it in the end?”] Disclaimer: While actual languages are used [and might be modified] in this novel, this novel in no way is written to critisize any specific race, religion, country, kingdom, or empire. This novel series does not reflect actually countries, kingdoms, empires and/or political figures. Actual languages are used only for the purpose of easier understanding and higher relatability.


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I honestly like the book. I love how the main character is really strong and if she wants something she would go after it no matter what. It's pretty amazing and AUTHOR KEEP THIS UP!


Reveal spoiler


I like how the novel starts with a well-thought of synopsis like that. A game of chess, the author has made reference about that, and I think she has every reason to. I can envision the protagonist slowly changing from a royal brat, which she is right now, to a beautiful and truly great queen who will rule the whole realm. I think I already said too much, but let me say this one more piece, I can't wait for the character development which I know is coming in the next chapters! job well done, author!


The world backround is amazing. the grammar by web novel standards is superb. though something about the main character seems off. I also love the nods at chess in the synopsis


The writing quality is good, the world building and the plot idea is interesting and promising. This is one of the books I would recommend all. Yulia is an amazing strong female lead.


Definitely one of the more interesting things I've read so far. I think you have lots of talent and you definitely deserve five stars in my opinion. Keep it up and good luck!


Didn't you say do your worst? Then, I'm going to do as worse I can. Yulia as a character: ⚫ She is strong, intelligent and fierce as she is ruthless. ⚫She loves her family fiercely and I believe this love of her will drown her one day but at the end of the day she is a human and no human can survive without love, compassion and kindness especially a ruler . ⚫She doesn't like spilling blood. If anything can be achieved by words, so why waste energy by unnecessary killing. I like this point of hers. ⚫She is cruel. For the crown she was ready to kill her father though he was an unfit ruler but still he was her dad...but she didn't kill him...her consciousness didn't allow her. Yulia as a Queen: (Will edit once I read further chapters ) And if you have read bullet for one then you don't need to ask about her writing skills. Dude, I freakin love that book.


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Personally reading this gave me the vibes of Puffin classics, the quality in this work is no joke. Wonderfully done and the delicious flavour of literary techniques is blended fully with the plotline. The only flaw I found there was no hook! 1st and 2nd chapter just focus on MCs being free from the ball and then attending a banquet, which took two chapters with a lot of unnecessary info dumps (example, what FL studied ,what she ate, what she wrote) even I believe the chess part which had foreshadowing could've been summed up in lesser words. Nonetheless a worth read!


Fascinating story about Royalties giving importance to the role of women! Well written author! Good Job! #Recommended! #ReadThis! [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Well, I must say the author has a quality writing skill from what I read. Nice conversation and descriptions of the scenes. The characters are so understandable that it makes me feel the story so nicely. The plot up to how much I read sound interesting...all in all, a great book to be recommended! But a little advice, try to not keep a chapter's word limit above 1,500. The lengthy chapters might tire out readers at some points. All the best for your future updates!!


Plot is very interesting, grammar on point, and, characters are well-depicted. Also, the world background was well thought of. Thank you, Author!


This story is so good, so believable and gripping that I will be thinking about it even while not actively reading. A gem! The characters seem so realistic that I feel like I know them in real life. The worrying events of highborn people come alive, and they will certainly keep the reader immersed. I can't stop reading. Reading just one chapter of this would be like taking just one piece of chocolate. You know that isn't going to happen!


Author has an interesting and fresh plotline. All the characters are beautifully written that they connect with you well. I hope that author update it more often so that I might be able to read more of her work. I highly recommend it, if you are looking for something refreshing.


Another book from the author. and this one is as amazing as her all other works. just few words in synopsis made me curious to read more. writer has unique style wich is refreshing and I always like to read her work. I highly recommend to read her other books too[img=update]😊😊


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