To You, Six Hundred Years From Now. Book

novel - Fantasy

To You, Six Hundred Years From Now.


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In a world born of the divine union of magic and science, the Kaisers and Kaiserin of old are nothing but myths. Stories told to children to make sure that they would go to sleep. And for a long time, that was all people treated the Kaisers as - bedtime stories. After all, who could fathom the amount of power held by figures as legendary as them? October 24th, 2095, changed all of that. The Kaiserin of Motion awakened far out in the frosty wastelands of Jotunheim, crushing the facility that housed in. It all happened in seconds - after her resurgence, she immediately vanished. In her place was Ilise Rossweisse: A girl no older than fifteen, wielding the power of a god. Thrust into a whole new world, Ilise must learn to control the might of the Kaiserforce within her - before it controls her. She has no time to ponder over the abstract, to delve within her internal worries; instead, she must cling to the material elements of her life. Her friends, her family, and the world around her. She knows that her other self lurks deep within her, yearning to be released. Ilise is the first and last line of defence against the Kaiserin of Motion. Should her will and determination ever falter, Ragnarok will begin. The first of many Kaisers will awaken her comrades, and in time, Earth will be naught but ruins. With her awakening, other gears have been set into motion. Ancient forces will emerge from the shadows, in an attempt to bring an end to a war that has been waged since time immemorial. And they will do whatever it takes to end their eternal war - no matter the price, nor the cost. It is only through pushing forward that they can put these memories to rest and finally, at long last, begin to dream again. --


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