To Be Loved – Pampered After Rebirth Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

To Be Loved – Pampered After Rebirth


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Qin Ran grew up in the countryside with her grandma. She was just a year old when her father and mother divorced. Both her parents remarried and have children on their own. They left her quite comfortably; living a simple life in the countryside with her doting grandma. However, her grandmother died when she was 14. Her mother, who remarried to a well off Lin family, decided to take her in. In her last life, it went from being peaceful to chaos when she came to the Lin family. Her half-sister Lin Xiaowen hated her. Her older stepbrother, Lin Shauran was cold to her. Her own mother Ning Erlang disdained her. Her stepfather, Lin Jin treated her like a wind. Her father, Qin Han forgot about her. Her half brother Qin Lang doesn’t even know she existed. And the only person who showed her care and was her first love, Xu Junyen, was snatched away by her half-sister. Although she didn’t give up without a fight; she chased Xu Junyen, trying to get him back from her half-sister until the very end, with her outside their wedding reception soaked in the rain. She admitted defeat and went away. She never came back until her death from a fatal heart attack, alone. When she woke up and became 16 years old again, she vowed. This time, she will pamper herself and never ever beg for a morsel of care from anyone. And she found out that the more you love yourself, the more people surrounding you will love you as well. However, she won’t care anymore. Can a special someone be able to warm her dead cold heart this second life?


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