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    Melanie Edison, a women with a lovely daughter, Mia. Her husband died due to cancer. She works to support her financial. She is a simple and caring women. What will happen when she meet another chance of her lovelife ... Will she give up ? Or she want to try her second chance?

    Daoistx2W2LQ · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Second Chance

    Albi has always lived an empty troubled life, moving on with no purpose, or goal. After a certain incident he found himself in another world, and sharing his body with someone else? Who brought them here? And why? Whatever the reason may be, to Albi, and Bailey it's their Second Chance! This novel is being published both on Royal Road, and Webnovel.

    Be_Gee · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Second Chance

    Earth is under the rule of one man, a dictator, calling himself a Caesar like the old Roman emperors. On one fateful mission a rebel named Oliver finds himself face to face with the Emperor and has the chance to end his rule. Although he succeeds, he dies in the process. After his death he is given a second chance at life and is reborn into another world of magic and mythical creatures. But Oliver slowly comes to realize he may not be as free from his last life as he once hoped. In coming to this world he didn’t come alone. The Caesar came too. A second chance at life. A second chance at happiness. A second chance at killing a god.

    Starlights97 · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • second Chance

    Intended for 18+ audience. Second chance Alex is a 32 year old retired marine and recently divorced father who is trying set his life straight. Jammie is a 22 year old with artists who loves to live his life to the fullest. After a chance meeting Alex feels like he may have a second chance at love.

    DaoistZA0K3e · Realistic
    Not enough ratings
  • Second_Chance

    "Chained by societal expectations and betrayed by those she trusted, Florence, a young woman raised in the nobility, finds herself unjustly condemned and abandoned in a perilous unknown land. As she faces the brink of death, her resolve strengthens. Determined to forge her own destiny, she renounces the shackles of her past and embraces a newfound determination to live for herself. However, when she unexpectedly wakes in familiar surroundings, rescued by an enigmatic figure, Florence confronts the painful truth of her origins and the harsh realities of her existence. Now, torn between her past and her newfound freedom, Florence must navigate the intricacies of her fragmented memories and the complexities of her relationships, all while seeking to unravel the mysteries of her existence and reclaim her agency in a world rife with deceit and betrayal."

    Akane_Satsuki · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • “Second Chance”

    Tae-Seok and Won-ho have been dating for three years...now living together they are still happily in love. But what if something tragic happens? Or is it?

    Cinnamon_me · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • The Man of My Bitterest Lesson

    #secondchance #getingbacktogether #slowburn #diplomacy #kingdombuilding Bright looked up, his tender gaze aimed at softening Emma's heart. "I've only just realized the depth of my love for you, and I can't bear to lose you." "You're aware that I don't believe in love, aren't you? So, please don't use that as a justification," Emma responded sharply. "Alright, then, I simply need you in my life, Emma." Emma gritted her teeth. "So, where were you when I needed you, Your Highness?" --- (Setting: 19th Century) Seven years had passed since Emma last saw Bright Alejandro Anderson—her first love. Emma had almost succeeded in living her life normally. She was doing fine. But that man resurfaced in Emma's life as Prince Anderson, who led the royal legal affairs team. He not only appeared in Emma's life but also forced her to look back. To revisit memories she desperately wanted to forget. For Emma, Bright, aka Prince Anderson, was the most bitter lesson in her life. From him, Emma learned never to trust anyone. Not even God. ~~~ Emma's tears flowed, voice cracked and pained, "Even if I were to die," her despair remained, "I'll hate you forever, it's only fair, Don't come to my funeral, don't you dare, Set foot at my graveside, expect no embrace, Don't ever anticipate my heart's forgiving grace, I'll spend my days, my bones, in hatred's grip, A love once cherished, now a sinking ship. ~~~ "I've just killed someone with my own hands. Ah, this is how deep my love for you is, Emma. I would kill for you, and you've just witnessed it with your own eyes." ... "I'm here... don't be scared... this time I'm not leaving you, unlike before when I left you." ... "I was stupid. I am sorry. I regret it with every breath I take. I wish there was a way to turn back time to fix the past. But despite everything I can do, I can't. So, I sincerely apologize, even though I know I don't have the right to do so." !!!Explicit adult content above chapter 100 and will be informed at the beginning of the chapter. Please refrain from accessing the chapter if you are underage. Thank you.!!! another works: - Undressed by The Half-beast Prince - Wolfdale: Blood of the Moon - Mafia Princess: Raised by Wolves - Slayer Knight: Survive The Undead

    Tizzz · History
  • Mr. Grim Reaper doesn't smile [BL]

    The tale of a grim reaper who hates humans and a human who fell in love with him. From a really young age, Asahi Sato had always been beside Akira's side. They grew up together and faced all hardships together. Akira thought their friendship would last a lifetime but he didn't expect his life to be cut so short by that very friend. Logically speaking, their friendship did last a lifetime but only for Akira. As if having a secret affair with Akira's fiance wasn't enough, Sato also went ahead and killed Akira in order to steal the company. For the first and the last time in his life, Akira felt what it was like to be betrayed by the one you trust the most and the feeling was certainly not that amusing. Even after death, when the Grim Reaper who was in charge of him gave him a wish, Akira didn't hesitate to waste that wish on Sato. "Help me solve my murder." "I want to understand where everything went wrong.” "I want to know why Sato suddenly turned on me and I want to know why my fiance joined him.” Unfortunately, for the poor fellow, the grim reaper in charge of him was not a man who liked to be troubled and it seemed that nobody had ever taught him how to smile. "Tch- So much extra work! Can't you just pass away in peace?" "..." Read on more to know how Akira uncovered the mysterious circumstances behind his death and begged God to change his beloved Grim reaper's fate. __________________________________________ I hope you enjoy!~ __________________________________________ BL||Romance||Grimreaper||Revenge||Fashion||CEO||Secondchance||Fantasy||Fluff||Mystery|| Art by: Cherlyswan.

    cherlyswan · LGBT+
    Not enough ratings
  • The Duke's Marchen

    "What do you see when you see me?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around her. For a few seconds, she bathed in his warmth. "Do you want me to be honest?" He nodded. "I see a man who changed my world. He chuckled at that. "Not honest enough." She lifted her head. Her beautiful gray eyes stared at his brown ones. "I see the Villain." She gulped and added, "I see someone that would burn the world... just to keep me safe." "Again..." he smiled. "Again?" "I wouldn't hesitate to burn the world again just to keep you safe." .... She loved him like a brother. He loved her more than he loved his life. In his dying breath, the woman that he loved finally cried... for him. At last, he thought before closing his eyes. She was finally looking at him. How ironic. .... "I lost you once. I can't lose you again. " - Duke Li Qiang This is the Story of Li Qiang and his redemption. .... This novel was originally the SIDE STORY of THE CEO's WOMAN. However, you can still read this as a stand-alone as this is the story of the Villain after he died and reincarnated into another world. #reincarnation #slowburn #faceslapping #norapeorabuse #strongcouple #secondchance #Villain #fantasy #royals #R18

    TheBlips · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Sëçönd Chànçe

    This is story of Ryan and Pert,fall in love after so many misunderstandings and fight themselves.

    AArya07 · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • My Second Chance at Life

    Living a life of crime, the MC met an unfortunate end at the hands of someone he considered a brother. Unexpectedly, he was granted a second chance in a different world. Now it's up to him to decide whether he wants to return to his life of crime or to turn over a new leaf.

    DrFantasy · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • The Second Chance Was Given

    When the great King Arthur dies peacefully, little does he know that his story is far from over. Awakening in the body of an infant named Lawrence Hans in the enchanting world of Eldoria, Arthur finds himself surrounded by loving parents and devoted servants. Retaining the memories of his past life, he realizes that this new chance is not for revenge, but for true self-discovery. ❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜ From the earliest days of his new existence, Lawrence feels an inexplicable draw to the magic that permeates this wondrous world. Soon, he discovers unique abilities within himself, capable of altering the fate of Eldoria. Determined to make the most of his second chance, Lawrence sets out to uncover the mysteries of magic and to fulfill his true destiny. ❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜ Every adventure strengthens his resolve and leads to new revelations about himself and his powers. ❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜ This story of reincarnation, friendship, and magic will leave no one indifferent. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of Eldoria and follow Lawrence as he faces trials, battles formidable foes, and uncovers his true purpose. This gripping saga of a young mage striving not just to survive, but to become a legend, will forever remain in your heart. ❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜

    KraftNovels · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • I'm the Terminally ill Novel's Extra

    From a reader to a character in a novel, the last thing she expected was to become a mere extra in a story. But... To her shock, she was no normal extra. She was a terminally ill extra! Counting the days left on her fingers, she struggles to maintain her character. Having received a system of her own, only made her realize that her mere existence made the story deviate from the original plot. ____________ Seated at the table, Wang Mingya tried her best not to notice the stares being thrown at her by the countless elites. For them, she was just a 'troublemaker'. Among the nobles, with a cold look on his face, was Alexander Arden, the crown prince of the kingdom. Dressed elegantly in a well-tailored suit, silver cufflinks adorning his wrists, he was truly popular among the women. "Oh my, Prince Alexander is truly so handsome. My daughter talks about you all the time~" A middle-aged woman laughed, touching Alexander's arm. Her friends soon joined, echoing her words. "I know right~ my sister is the same." "Even Lia, you know her right? The one who's popular now." Their sweet voices made Mingya want to throw up. Trying to maintain the smile on her face, she picked up a piece of meat from her plate. Just as she swallowed the meat, her stomach contracted painfully. Her trembling hand dropped the fork. The next second, food and bile came up to her throat. She got up abruptly and rushed outside the room. The audience in the room murmured, shaken by her leaving this sudden. "As expected of the attention seeker," sneered the lady who had first spoken up. Meanwhile, all Mingya could do was stare at the amount of blood in the urinal, some slightly dripping into her soft white dress. She had just vomited blood. [Ding!] [Health: Critical!] "What... What the f*ck is this?" #reincarnation #romance #villainess #webnovel #time-travel #fantasy #secondchance #revenge #strongfemalelead #face-slapping

    Dao_lord_ · Fantasy
  • I Will Live As An Actor

    I Will Live as an Actor is a heartwarming story of a young man who grows up poor as the son of a widowed fishmonger. Fueled by a passion for acting, he neglects his mother and her sacrifices, only to regret it when she passes away. In a twist of fate, he is reincarnated back to his youth, just before he went down the wrong path. Determined to live a better life and honor his mother’s memory, he embarks on a journey to become a successful actor while also being a filial son. *** Author: Kokwang Extra Tags: showbiz, superstar, poortorich, handsomemalelead, acting, ageprogression, drama, celebrity, cheats, confidentprotagonist, hard-workingprotagonist, movies, secondchance.

    helsing · Realistic
    Not enough ratings
  • The Editor Gets A Second Chance!!

    James gets transported back to 1977. After living for 39 years, and being an editor for many film franchises, can he take advantage of his skills to get ahead of the entertainment curb? Discord: https://discord.gg/eDW5tDmH #showbiz #hollywood #writers #writing #director #movies #screenwriter #secondchance #sliceoflife #Real #Reallife #Realistic #Reborn #Films #business #BusinessManagement

    TMHisOurSavior · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Through the White Light: Ariah's Journey to Redemption

    In the capital of the small country Nepal, a girl lives in a well to do family of four that is mother, father, Ariah and her brother. She was just twenty-five years old when she died in an accident. She was announced dead in an instant when doctors came over to take her to the ambulance. Ariah was an empty soul who sees everything Infront of her without any sadness, with a calmness in her eyes. Then, all of a sudden, a white light goes through her and when she opened her eyes......

    Monika_Chapagain · Urban
    Not enough ratings