They Call Me Madara
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They Call Me Madara


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What is They Call Me Madara

Read They Call Me Madara fanfiction written by the author Josh1 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering evilmc, weakstrong, battlejunkie. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


" You have offended me So i shall destroy your empire " Special ability: Gatling [increases speed and attack by 1000%] Special ability: POP [any and all things that come into contact with this skill pop like a balloon] i grab my gunbai you and jump so that i am above the empire i swing with as much force as possible that it creates literal after images then i swing my gunbai repeatedly. with every swing that i make i see craters created in multiple places in the empire if scientists came and saw what happened here they would think it was a missile. *smirk* i walk up towards the emperors tower i left it untouched as i walk up the steps guards try to stop me i just swing my gunbai as it breaks the sound barrier and pops them like a balloons. as i reach im inside now i dash towards the throne room POV inside the throne room Strategist MOB 1: my lord that was a foolish thing you did now our kingdoms destroyed as the people in the room suddenly remember who they were dealing with Eunuch 1: have you not heard the legends that demon that m-monster he any and all who cross paths with him are destined to die Emperor: t-that man M-Ma- The throne room door burst with a pop " heroes fear him, demons grovel at his feet, parents use his name to keep children from doing bad, Kings and Emperors seppuku when hes at your door step" " MADARA" they all say in unison


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This Novel is complete garbage like im telling you especially the 1st chapter why is there so much curse words not only that why did the author give the mc so many wishes also im impatient and i cant wait for the reason why the author sealed the mcs sharingan also im not the author and im gay and a simp and im not 14


Honestly, i am having a pain in my brain just by reading the synopsis. This already give a red alert to me. I hope u get a grammarly or just an editor.


it's good but why nerf the sharingan ? please change that!


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