The Wizards of Ice and Fire [HIATUS] Book

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The Wizards of Ice and Fire [HIATUS]


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Rewrite in progress When Harry Potter and his wife, Daphne Potter, return to Britain after decades of traveling the world, they find themselves facing an unexpected tragedy - the disappearance of their son. Desperate for answers, they turn to the Unspeakables in the Department of Mysteries, which leads them to the enigmatic Veil of Death. As they stand before the Veil, they are ambushed by a group of masked wizards, forcing them to make a fateful decision. Thrown into the Veil, Harry and Daphne are reincarnated in the world of Westeros as Jon Snow and Daena Rogare. In this unfamiliar realm, the couple must navigate the intricate web of alliances and rivalries that define the harsh realities of Westeros, all while seeking a way to make peace with their past and enjoy their new shot at life. Schedule of Release: One chapter every Wednesday and Sunday Until I build a bigger backlog, I will only publish 2 chapters every week.


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