The WITCH & Billionaire's heart
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The WITCH & Billionaire's heart


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What is The WITCH & Billionaire's heart

The WITCH & Billionaire's heart is a popular web novel written by the author L_stellaluna, covering Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 120.9K readers with an average rating of 4.95/5 and 15 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 24 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Luna Goodwick is no ordinary witch. Her parents are one of the councils in the White Witch Wiccan World. The White Wiccan Elders and the council foresee her power as a threat to the Wiccan World. She was born with a dark heart and she could kill all White Witches unconsciously. And the only way to fix her magic is to clean her heart with true love's heart. The White Wiccan council decided the most difficult decision in their entire race, to send a witch, to send Luna to the human world before her powers full transition, the full moon of her eighteenth birthday. Will Luna Goodwick find her true love? Or will she banish her white witch's race? Or will she destroy the human world? ***DISCLAIMER **** All names, places, text content is used for creativity and entertainment purposes only. NO offense or any violation intended. Hello lovely readers! Thank you for all your support. Please boost my book by taking time to Vote and tapping the power stone. I would love to hear your thoughts. Don't forget to leave a comment. You are all appreciated. Thank you! L_stellaluna

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AUTHOR'S TAG LIST : #fantasy #romance #witch #billionare #adventure #action #magic #fantasyromance #witchromance #witchbillionare #femaleprotagonist #playful #R18 Author's Message: Hello lovely readers! Thank you for all your support. Join me as Luna search her true loves heart. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do writing it. Please don't forget to vote, send gifts and power stone to boost my book. I would love to read comments and thoughts about my book. Thank you so much! You are all appreciated . Love, L_stellaluna


I enjoyed it. It wasn't too complex with imaginative made up alien lingo. I like the time is running out concept, I know the female lead has the odds not stacked in her favour, but there was no need for mind control 😭


Marvelous work on the pov situations truly shows the detail and expression of the characters. As an addition, I love how powerful the main character is, and how simple her parents dealt with it, I found it pretty funny and interesting.


Just the synopsis made me fall in love with this book. Great work author. I'm impressed. I'm so in love with this and I'd like to see the end. I hope Luna finds her true love soon.




Wow...just wow! Can I be in love with a book at first read? The line, "the only way to fix her magic is to clean her heart with true love's heart." definitely got me there! Just like those Disney movies I loved watching as a kid! Would definitely recommend this book a hundred percent! Good job, Author! Kudos!


I think this is the first time I have read about the romance of a witch and a billionaire and I have loved it. The way in which the two of them met and how the story unfolds seemed unique to me. I will be waiting to see more. Keep it up, Author


I love this story, it's got my attention the most I love this kind of stories and you made it too good to read. I'm going to add this to my library waiting for your next chapters. all the best.


Fascinating. One of a kind story. Very unique on its own way. A kind of fantasy that satisfy my needs as a fantasy story fan. I love how it was created. Hands up on this. Can't tell more about it. Nice job author 😍😍😍


Thank you Author for this great piece of writing, you caught my attention from the first chapter and I'm going to read until the last full stop ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


This is my kind of story. I love the vibe. It is unique, Interesting, ahd overall a fun read. The author does a really good job of getting the setting down.


The story is Unique. The fact that our FL is bound to kill people unintentionally is hillarious. I have read about magic and witches before but nothing with a plot and storyline as interesting as this one. keep it up


PERFECT!! This story is a masterpiece. I love the fact that it is unique in its own way. Alright, here goes my review. The story is so raw and well written. The story is well thought of and it shows the talented skills of a good writer. There are a few errors but it can easily be corrected . The FL is a strong woman, even though she is so prone to causing accidents. Her part is well thought of and well written. The ML too, dope guy. I love him. Keep up the good job, author. You definitely got a fan now. Read this book, guys. You’ll be glad you did. I’m glad I did. Thank you author for sharing this masterpiece.


Really good story! I love Luna's character, although she happens to always end up killing people by accident, she seemed cool. The ML( sorry I forgot the name), sound creative and has a lot more to show. Hoping to see more from the author!!


Wow.. I love fantasy as much as I love, love stories.. And this one is a go for me.. I like the story and how it is written.. This book has potential So keep it up...


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