The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere

Superpowers descended upon the world. This was a world where everyone awakened to superpowers. Some people awakened to abilities at the lowest F rank. They could only work the most difficult jobs for their entire lives. Meanwhile, some people started off with S rank powers and skyrocketed to fame. In this age where talents determined everything, Ling Feng awakened the clone ability, which was ranked second last in the F rank powers. The crowd mocked him, “That is one of the most useless talents. After one awakens this ability, they can create a clone of themselves. However, their strength is halved in the process. Aside from running errands and making deliveries, it is useless.” However, very soon, Ling Feng discovered that something was off. That was because his talent could level up from the lowest F rank up to the SSR rank! He had unlimited clones and unlimited evolution! Many years later, half of the superpower users in the world were Ling Feng’s clones.

Urban Cloning Power · Urban
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205 Chs

These Are All Conjectures

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Central City.

The wall was tall, and the population was huge. The business was advanced, and it was not only the center of human security, but also the political landscape, culture, and economy.

Every day, there were traveling merchants, adventurers who went on adventures to make money, and famous tourists. There were too many to count.

Suddenly, at this moment, the very intelligent broadcast from the wall door stopped. Whether it was the idle people or the peddlers, all of them stopped their movements and footsteps. Then, they looked up to find the source of the voice. When they discovered Li Qinglian's surprise identity, everyone was stunned.

"It's actually senior Sword God? I haven't seen senior for a long time. Although I'm old and can't walk anymore, senior Sword God is still as elegant as ever and hasn't been eroded by time."

"Could senior Sword God have come here to save someone?"