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The White Phoenix


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"I won't bow down to you. I'm The Queen... I'm The White Phoenix!" Farah craved for a normal life and she had it. She achieved it but then The Ancient Phoenix came into the picture. He made Farah the next Phoenix stronger than anyone else. Even though she didn't ask for such power, it was given. She fulfilled the Ancient Phoenix's wish, to build a land uniting all the different types of Phoenixes and she named the kingdom after the Ancient Phoenix— Gazaria. Little did she knew she was only fulfilling the prophecy. Repeating what has happened 500 years ago. The Queen of Hell once again escaped the depths of her cage and will do everything just to destroy Gazaria. Farah fought as best as she could, but unfortunately she lost. With the help of an old friend she'll travel with the man she'll fall into— Oxoluz. Together with the help of her friends they'll find a way to bring back Gazaria to it's former glory. In the end, will Farah once again have the life she'll always want or she'll end up doing what have happened 500 years ago. "If we lose again, we will no longer have something to save, everything is on me now, it is time for me to choice, what is right and sacrifice what I want," Farah said as a lone tear fell in her eye. "No I won't let you! We will fight together," Oxoluz said and held Farah's hand. "Together?" Farah asked. "Always." Oxoluz answered and claimed her lips. --------------------------- :: Do call me Midnight! I'll call you guys (my readers) as Raven! Yay! :: WSA ENTRY 2021 :: NOVEL WRITTEN BY A 14 Y. O. TEENAGER FROM THE PHILIPPINES. :: Instagram :: @wake_at_midnight :: Twitter :: @clalelroums :: Facebook :: Lychee Morelli :: UPDATES WILL BE DAILY ( 2-3 CHAPTERS A DAY) :: TIME FOR UPDATES ( 7 PM — 12 MIDNIGHT) (GMT+08)


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