50 Play with Fire

Lady Gisella's body turned pale. She could not clear her mind.

"How could they.." The words left her mouth in a daze. Lady Gisella wanted to say something more but she could not.

It made no sense to her that the people of the Empire were thinking of killing one of the Crown Princess candidates. But why?

"Do they want to put the blame on us?" Lady Gisella asked after a lot of debate. This was the only possibility that came to her mind. Otherwise what might be the reason.

Sir Kit did not reply right away, Although he felt like he should be saying something now, but he knew that Lady Gisella would understand his silence.

"Lady Gisella is good at finding information. If my assumptions are current then there would be a spark of gossip somewhere." Sir kit's eyes turned sharp, "Can you find the reason."

Lady Gisella nodded her head. Finding the secret was her specialty. It was the only way she had survived so far.


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