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The Way We Were


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--Fandom: Inuyasha --Pairing: Sesshōmaru/Kagome --Genre: Drama, Romance, Family and fluff. Non Canon. -A reasonable part of Kagome cried out that this wasn't a good idea, but another, the one that held her heart, yearned for this familiar intimacy. That feeling overrode any other and caused her mind to switch off and go on instinct. A hand wove into his silky strands grabbing them tightly and pulling him closer as she kissed the demon back with the same fervor.- Seventeen-year-old Higurashi Kagome is going back to school for Grade 11 after being taken out. Everyone assumed it was because of a family emergency, but it had been much more than that. At fifteen, she had found herself pregnant and abandoned by the man she thought loved her. With the help of her mama and brother, Kagome was able to move past the heartbreak and built a life for her and her child. Now wanting to go back, the teen mother risks exposing her secret to those she hid it from, especially the Inuyōkai that walked away.