The Way of the Sword (Christmas special)

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What is The Way of the Sword (Christmas special)

Read ‘The Way of the Sword (Christmas special)’ Online for Free, written by the author Take_the_Moon, This book is a LGBT+ Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, R18 Light Novel, BL Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: There are two stories about the characters in the novel The Way of the Sword in the modern world, this is a Christmas sp...


There are two stories about the characters in the novel The Way of the Sword in the modern world, this is a Christmas special that is not tied to the main storyline and can be read without having to read the main story. 1. COLD POLICE X MAFIA'S SON Zhong Liang is a police officer (Investigator) who was taking a month off in Hong Kong, which, unfortunately, he was dragged by his best friend Lan Ruan to go out and have fun every night. One of these nights he met a not so handsome waiter who was in a difficult situation. To help this young Zhong Liang offers to spend a few days at his house until everything gets better. Time went on to show that the not-so-handsome waiter was lovelier and cuter than Zhong Liang could imagine, and his heart was becoming more captive to those warm, sweet eyes like honey. Zemin Yan recently graduated from National University and this was his last month in Hong Kong before returning to his family in Beijing. He is a very cheerful and lively person who loved working in a strange high-paying bar that welcomed quirky customers. He spent the last 4 years away from his family, being free and doing what he wanted, he was very sorry to have to leave this “easy” life of Hong Kong. One day at his job he was harassed by a local big shot, but before he could teach that big shot, he was helped by a very cool and handsome man who came like a summer storm so suddenly he missed the first one kiss, the first night of sex, the first love… All the first were taken up like this, even his heart was threatened by this storm that had dark eyes and a magnetic voice. Zhong Liang's parents were murdered 20 years ago, but the crime has never been solved and rumors say this is from one of the mafia families, the main suspect being the Song Family. Zemin Yan has a secret, he is, in fact, one of the Song Family's heirs and was arranged for marriage when he graduated from university. Now things get very complicated! 2. (WEI JIE X SHOU ZUO) It is still in vote until December 22nd.

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Hello guys! Here is the author! Title: The Way of the Sword (Christmas Special) Chapters: Maximum 20. Genre: Modern romance, mafia, cop, friendship, thriller, and stuff for over R-18. Suitable age: +18 Novel in the same series: The Way of the Sword (BL) Well, guys, I was going to put it on my patreon, but it's still a mess. Anyway, the special will stay here, who knows all the extras I put here now? I hope you enjoy it, I did it with great affection. If you want to support the author directly buy me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/take_the_moon


This is a fun side story of ZY and ZL! I love that you started it and hope you find the time to continue it! It was cute to see them in a different setting and storyline. Thanks for taking the time to write them!


The story is very interesting and the description of each character makes the reader want to know more about each of them. Looking forward to the development of ZL and ZY’s relationship. I am happy that they are both adults in this Christmas Special because I can see that their friendship will be more than friends sooner. It seems that ZL’s background was more fully explained than ZY’s so hopefully we will know more about ZY soon.


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