The Warlord System

MC is a monster from the word go. He has no qualms about manipulating, breaking, or killing somebody to achieve his goals. Massive Harem, the MC is greedy. [This is fantasy, not real life, if you think any of this is represents the real world or you are offended by this, seek out mental help, and as for legal, two things: first and foremost, evil doesn't care what's legal or not it will do whatever it feels like that's why it's evil, secondly what's illegal or frown upon in one place and be culturally acceptable in another for example in Japan a person is considered a legal adult at 15, they can work, live on their own, and be accountable for their own decisions.]

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Omni-world - 1

Khan stood on a balcony, coming to terms at what he was seeing. Las Noches and pieces of the Seireitei were forming a hybrid cityscape. There were also areas that were nothing more than empty lots.

It took Khan a few minutes before he realized that the empty lots were where the fake Karakura Town was. What was really bothering Khan was beyond his new city's limits. Namely, a vast blankness, Khan tried to throw a rock at the edge only for it to lose all its kinetic energy the moment it touched the edge. It didn't bounce. It just dropped.

Khan stood on the balcony just waiting, reminding himself that this boredom would be the ultimate penalty for failure. Then he got the message he was waiting for.

[System update complete. Your clearance level has increased. You are eligible to learn more.]

Khan sighed the moment they arrived at the Omni-world. The system began updating and was unresponsive, only giving a count down timer. Six hours wait time had dragged own, especially with all his girls currently resting after their little celebration.

Rewriting Ichigo's memories in order for her to become Ichika had proven a simple matter. Khan then got a new notice.

[Making adjustments to physical form]

Khan was confused by that, and before he could ask what that meant, he was hit with a sharp pain throughout his body. A moment later, the pain left just as quickly as it struck. Khan wanted an explanation, but before he could demand anything, he got another notification.

[Notice physical adjustment completed. You can now interact with anyone, no matter their Spiritual Awareness or affinity for magic. (Your spirit based abilities will not be seen by any unless they have spirit or magical capabilities.)]

[Notice new quest available:

The road of the Warlord

Conquer the following worlds:

Level 1(Major penalty if an army is used)

Black Lagoon, Sunset Overdrive, Food Wars, Air Master, and Saints Row ⏫️.

Level 2 (Minor penalty if an army is used)

Maken-Ki, Fire Force, Jade Empire ⚠️, Seven Mortal Sins, The Legend of Zelda 🔄, Freezing, Valkyrie Drive -Mermaid-, Goblin Slayer.

Level 3 (no penalty or bonus)

Dragon Age ⚠️, Overlord, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Tensura (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime) ⏫️, Saga of Tanya the Evil, Wiseman's Grandchild, Kill La Kill, Lord Marksman and Vandis, Fairy Tail.

Level 4 (Minor bonus if no army is used)

One Piece, Knights & Magic, Star Wars (Clone Wars Era), The Outer Worlds, War on Geminar, Mass Effect, Septerra's Core (Legacy of the Creator), Vandread.

Level 5 (Major bonus if no army is used)

Marvel 🔄, DC 🔄☢️, Highschool DxD, Tsukumichi - Moonlight Fantasy, Dragon Ball, So I'm a Spider, So What, Warriors Orochi ☢️.

⏫️ = World will get more hazardous with time.

⚠️ = A small anomaly has been detected.

🔄 = The world is blended from multiple sources.

☢️ = World is unstable for unknown reasons.

Pass condition = complete one or both of the world's main objectives.

Fail condition = Be permanently incarcerated or be removed/banished without completing either objective

Reward = Free Mode]

[Each world has two objectives, one general and one special. The general objective will always be to collect sufficient territory, personnel, or resources. (Notice the amount needed is greater at the higher levels than at the lower ones.) The special objective will depend on the world.]

Khan was not surprised by what he saw but did appreciate the new information displayed. Khan then asked, 'What is Free Mode?'

[Free Mode - A warlord has two true enemies. The first is time. The second is targets or a lack of. Free Mode corrects for that by giving you access to the infinite multi-verse.]

'Such as?'

[Notice due to the ever expanding nature a complete list can not be given, but you see a sample of ten worlds. Do you accept?]


[Alpha Protocol

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Guild Wars

Kim Possible

Funbag Fantasy

Monster Prom

Tomb Raider King

Farsala trilogy


Ever After High]

Khan looked at the list. He wanted to ask questions, but he knew if he did, he would never get anything done. Khan took a deep breath, and then he checked the store to see if there was anything new.

Khan saw two new tabs. First was a unit tab, which allowed him to unlock units for his armies, but they were all very expensive. System upgrade level expensive.

The second was cosmetic stuff for his Omni-world. Stuff like day and night cycles or sky appearances. All incredibly cheap, the most expensive one was only 50 BP.

Khan then decided to try the Companion Lottery next. He would try one to see what happens. If he liked the results, he would use an additional four more. The first one, it glowed and then disintegrated, and then a panel appeared before him.

[Congratulations, you have summoned:


Occupation: Field Commander

Species: Half Vampire

Universe: Kingdom Under Fire

Bonus: Dark Elf infantry]

[Notice you can now create Dark Elf Infantry from the appropriate structure in the Omni-world.]

Khan decided to put a pin in that bit of news for later. Now, he had to deal with the individual who had just appeared in front of him. Leinhart was tall, wearing his black overcoat armor. It looked like a black tie tuxedo. His sword was drawn. The first thing he said was, "Where am I?! Who are you?!"

Khan took note that the summons would not be told by the system what was happening. Khan said, "First, tell me what is the last thing you remember, then I'll answer your questions."

Leinhart looked at Khan, trying to weigh his options, then said, "I was leading a campaign to unite the Orcs and Ogres at the orders of my father, the king, and the elder council."

Khan realized that this Leinhart had yet to meet Regnier, and he was still an arrogant and self-entitled individual. Easy enough to manipulate if you know how.

Khan started by saying, "Firstly, your father has been dead for some time now. Poisoned by the council so they could rule without consequences. The individual you saw was nothing more than a double, there to take the blame and the attention, for the council's actions."

Leinhart looked taken aback by what he had just heard, Khan continued, "Secondly, you are so far removed from your homeland that even if that were not the case, it wouldn't matter."

Leinhart had a myriad of emotions on his face as he tried to understand everything he had just heard. Khan finished by saying, "Since the council is willing to waste talents such as yours simply because you might have noticed that they replaced your father, I decided to take you into my service."

Leinhart finally lowered his sword and said, "Since I'm not position of strength, I can't really make any demands, but if you think that means I'll just roll over and become your lap dog then you are sorely mistaken."

Khan laughed and said, "I need your skills as a field commander, or rather I will soon enough. Right now, we don't have the space to build our armies, but that will be rectified very soon. So, feel free to explore this city, and after we'll discuss payment for your service, just don't expect it to be money it will be a while before we'll have need for it."

Leinhart left out the window, clearly wanting to see if Khan's words were true. Khan stood for a moment, thinking how each "companion" would have to be convinced into working for him. Khan thought that some would be easier than others.

Khan shrugged his shoulders and used another ticket. It glowed and dissolved like before, and Khan got saw the new panel.

[Congratulations you have summoned:


Occupation: Blacksmith

Species: Minotaur

Universe: 12Beasts

Bonus: Magic armor and weapon manufacturing. +]

Khan took note of the + and pressed it. A new panel opened.


Height: 230cm/7'5



Upon reading that Khan's eyes were immediately drawn to the new individual standing in front of him. Her choice of an outfit was slightly confusing. She wore hot pink plate mail armor. It covered both of her arms from the tips of her fingers to her shoulders, neck, and a full helmet. The armor covering her legs while also plate mail looked like thigh-high boots. Which left the center where the only thing she had on was a cow print bikini that barely covered anything.

While her figure did demand most of Khan's attention, he still managed to notice that Asterio had cow ears, a tail, and horns. Her weapon, which also caught his attention, was a massive war hammer. Khan was considering his options when he got a new notice.

[A seed has been planted in Asterio]

Khan was confused by how quickly that happened until Asterio opened her mouth and said, "Well, good moo-rning handsome, maybe you can tell me what's going on."

Khan then remembered Asterio's story. She was described as a laid-back and trusting individual who only really cared about making magical items. A few kind words, and she would be his for life, especially with that perk.

Khan simply smiled and then said, "I'm sorry to tell you this, but you were summoned by a magic item I had, and it was a one-way trip." Asterio started to get a sad look until Khan said, "However, I'm sure someone as smart and beautiful as you will find plenty here to enjoy."

Asterio smiled and leaned over, pushing her breasts together, making them seem even bigger and saying, "Well, aren't you the sweetest." Khan, taking a moment to enjoy the sight, then said, "There is a woman named Masaki who will help you get a room to stay in, go find her. Once you've got settled, we'll talk again." Asterio smiled and walked away going looking for Masaki. As she did, two things popped into Khan's head. The first was all the things he would do to her the next time he saw her, and the second was it would be hours before she would find Masaki, and he should've sent someone to escort her.

Khan was pulled from his thoughts by a new notice.

[Due to a lack of territories, the number of individuals can summon is limited until the Omni-world is the size of Luna (Earth's Moon)]

Khan frowned at that. Now, he had to make adjustments to his plans. He was going to go to Black Lagoon next, but that wouldn't get the territories he would need. He looked over the list, seeing which ones he could do that would not require the Infinity Stones to get the full benefits. There were several, but he also needed to kill the protagonist in order to get the Soul Devour skill and have enough conquerable territory to increase his own. His experience in Bleach told him that if the territory wasn't awarded to him through combat, then he needed to physically occupy the area with his own soldiers.

He needed one where he could get a large plot of land with just a few deaths quickly. After really looking, Khan found only one that met his needs. Before he departed, Khan asked the system, 'What would happen after I leave?'

[Due to the current size, time would stop in the Omni-world. Unless you summoned your subordinates, they will not notice that you left. Also, once the Omni-world reaches the size of earth or if you upgrade to the Omniverse, the flow of time will match to whatever world you are currently on.]

Khan thought, 'I see, so as I progress, the system will do more to encourage me not to drag my feet. So that is what the whole deal with the sons is about. Their purpose is to make sure that whatever remains running even in my absence or if I had taken their mothers by force, they would've led a rebellion against me. I really hit the jackpot when I got Warhammer 40K as my patron deities.'

With that said, Khan pressed a name on the list, and his vision began to shift. He found himself on a mountain. After checking Fate's Plan, he found he arrived the same day his target did.

Khan thought, 'I'll be seeing you real soon, Kenshi Masaki.'